Ulstermen hit bottle after hard day at office…

MEN from Northern Ireland are the most stressed out in the UK – and more inclined to hit the bottle as a result, it’s reported today. Women, apparently, have better coping strategies…

  • Pete Baker

    Well, Gonzo, the BBC report doesn’t break the results down by region.. only the Belfast Telegraph mentions that angle..

    “The research, by vitamin firm Vitabiotics Wellman, concludes that 100% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland suffer more stress at work than anywhere else in the UK.”

    Why am I always suspicious of a report that refers to “100% of those surveyed”?

    But the reported statistics don’t actually say that NI men are more inclined to hit the bottle than anywhere else as suggested. In fact the quote is more interesting than that..

    “And 67% said they turn to drink or sex to switch off from work.”

    ANYway.. “The research [was] carried out by Vitabiotics Wellman vitamins..”

    ..who are hoping to sell more bottles of vitamin supplements as a result..

  • Animus

    Are drink and sex not good enough on their own merits?

  • Pete Baker


    A cynical person [not myself, natch] would suggest that some have been using stress as an excuse..

  • Rory

    The highest stress levels were found in the legal profession and in banking and finance. So not all bad news then. The rest of suffering mankind can at least take comfort at this news that the guys who cause their stress are having karmic kickback in the here and now.

  • David Michael

    BT writes:

    “Ulster men are the most stressed out in the UK – and more inclined to hit the bottle as a result – a shock new study reveals today.”

    Why is this called a “shock” study? I’d have thought it common knowledge that Ulster leads the way in the UK in just about everything unhealthy and otherwise nasty. This is simply yet another sobering statistic.