On the outlawing of revisionist history…

Marc Mulholland (in new blog quarters) on why politicians should never get their hands on history curricula.


  • Crataegus

    I agree, History is too difficult to get a handle on and politicians have interests other than accuracy, balance and context.

    One of my heroes is Hieronymus Bosch. Take his painting Christ crowned with thorns. Is it a painting of Christ surrounded by his tormentors or the sort of painting that could lead to slow and very painful death? Is it a direct swipe at some of the most powerful people and families in Europe including Pope Julius the Second (oak leaf cluster)?

    This is just a painting so how do we begin to accurately get into the mindset of any particular time, its values, its standards? We look back and impose our values and aspirations on then. Accuracy in History is less about a list of dates and more about a feel for the time, I think it is horrendously difficult to do.

    Worse than inaccuracy is our selective use of history to justify our own wrongs and prejudices now.

    Better to take personal responsibility for what we do and apply stringent moral parameters of today to our own actions. Murder is wrong, intimidation is wrong, covering up crime is collusion, all people are equal, my rights are no greater than my responsibility to others. We all know these things so why use a wrong of yesterday to justify our own questionable attitude of today?

    Time we forget the tribes and each of us stood on our own feet and take responsibility for what we ourselves do. Is it fair? If you start to have to justify or create a convoluted defence you know in your heart it is wrong.