IRA man’s family sue FBI…

IN America, the family of a dead IRA gunrunner are suing the FBI because of an agent’s alleged involvement in the killing of John McIntyre, who was suspected of informing on the IRA’s Marita Ann arms shipment in 1984. Corrupt handlers, dead informers and state protection… sounds familiar!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    No where has it ever been stated that John Mc Intyre was an ‘IRA man’.

  • irish in America

    In fact, McIntyre seems to have been the mole who told the authorities of the weapons on board the Valhalla. I think he was an IRA sympathizer initally, but was easily turned.

  • harpo

    ‘No where has it ever been stated that John Mc Intyre was an ‘IRA man’.’

    Pat Mc Larnon:

    That’s right, so why on earth do you mention it?

    Anything else you’d like to share that hasn’t been stated about him? I haven’t seen it stated anywhere that he was a transvestive.

  • Mickaline

    “No where has it ever been stated that John Mc Intyre was an ‘IRA man’.”

    True. He just got caught up in Whitey Builger’s ongoing arms shipments to the Kerry coast (see Martin Ferris). McIntyre was originally buried in the basement of a house down the street from me, but was soon moved to another site due to the house being purchased.

    His mother has every right to sue the FBI for compensation, seeing how it was they (agent Connolly) who set him up, ultimately being killed at the hands of Whitey.

  • Mickaline

    By the way, has anyone seen Whitey??

  • Turbo Paul

    The question that should be asked is:

    “Why was Whitey Bulger allowed to live in Ireland until 2003, North and South, while American, Irish and Brit authorities turned a blind eye, until Whitey Bulger was ordered to leave the island of Ireland by Senior Irish Republicans???????????”

    “What about previous arms shipments, organised by Whitey Bulger, that were successfully exported to Ireland prior to the Marita Ann 1984, surely the FBI knew of these, as Whitey Bulger had been a registered informant since the 70’s????????”

  • Turbo Paul


    By the way, has anyone seen Whitey??

    Posted by Mickaline on Jun 09, 2006 @ 06:27 PM

    Latest on Whitey Bulger, if he is ever arrested,or decides to surrender, it will be in France, because France will not extradite him because he faces the death penalty.

    A surrender will involve a Bulger family member giving the infomation on Whitey’s whereabouts so as to collect the $1 million reward posted for Whitey.

    However, Whitey is reputed to spend Winters in Asia and Summers in Europe, Ireland being a destination for some of the Summer.

    The FBI desire to arrest Whitey Bulger may be tainted by the fear of what Whitey Bulger may reveal about current FBI senior management.

    Current Director Robert Muller was a D.A. in Boston during the Whitey Bulger years and some say Director Muller may be implicated in some way??????

    As to John Connelly being just a single rogue agent, there were 27 e-mails sent to FBI Headquarters from the FBI Boston office giving details of their relationship with Whitey Bulger and Steven Flemmi.

    The obsessive desire to prosecute the Italian Mafia led to the FBI being exposed to collusion, which they did with thier eyes wide open. This whole thing has a long way to go before it can be put to bed.

  • Eddie

    harpo – when you can take a moment from being so sanctimonious take a look at the title to this thread. Better yet, let me help you, “IRA man’s family sue FBI…”

    See that part that says “IRA man“? That’s what Pat was commenting about.