Tories ahead of the curve on blogs?

It looks like the Cameron Tories have got the blogging thing quicker than most of their political rivals. Tory housing spokesman Michael Gove on why they plan to let bloggers into the party’s conference this autumn:

“One of the secrets that most MPs have is how much time they actually spend visiting many of these blogs,” he said. “I don’t think it’s necessarily an obsession but I do think the blogs perform an enormously useful service.” Mr Gove warned that the range of views on the blogs should not be seen as representative of the Conservative Party as a whole.

Instead, they were “the views of those who are either ideologically fired up enough to post or those insomniacs who have nothing better to do than to share with us their views of the political world at three in the morning”.

Tory bloggers even have a home in the blogosphere. Let’s hope there’s room for a few of us unaligned bloggers too!!

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  • Interesting. The Tories are doing it right. I clicked on to the site and they lead with the breaking news story of the death of the Jordanian Iraqi freedom fighter/looney and George W’s take on it. Then, scrolling down the side, we have all these Tory hacks adding their little bits on Tory type issues. So their site will help solidify and energize the nerdy wing of their base.
    They might even gain. The Guardian is miles behind the Telegraph in hard copy circulation but steaming ahead on the Interenet where it has harnessed blogging et al to its advantage.
    The top Tory’s wife had a popular blog last time out. Bit of gosssip, some hair does, no Cherie and no Tony. I wonder do all these blogs translate into votes.