McCord to meet Hermon

Raymond McCord Snr is to meet Sylvia Hermon on Saturday in an effort to persuade her:

“to fully renounce her party’s link with the PUP and to support a public inquiry into my son’s murder.”

  • elfinto

    I wish Ray McCord well in his efforts. Should he succeed in getting an enquiry (and that’s a big if) he will then come up against the Inquiries Act, the British government’s most recent legisative attempt to cover the tracks of its security services.

    The British governement as we all know, are a bunch of amoral liars, who by some quirk of history have the power of life and death over every man, woman and child in the six Irish counties over which they continue to exercise their malign jurisdiction.

  • Stephen Copeland

    I hope Raymond McCord succeeds on Saturday. Sylvia Hermon should show some moral fibre – if she cannot persuade Empey to reverse the PUP link-up, she should leave the UUP. If she leaves it much longer she risks being tarred with Empey’s brush. This is her one shot at making a difference – I hope she doesn’t fluff it.

  • lib2016

    What a pointless exercise – this woman is married to a man who was at the head of a vicious sectarian paramilitary policeforce who we now know, as opposed to merely suspecting, were up to their necks in dirty tricks.

    The various wings of unionism demonising each other is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Right from internment it has been plain what sort of war has been fought here. No-one has clean hands, least of all the ‘security’ forces.

  • Rory

    I would also wish, along with Stephen Copeland, that Mrs Hermon might “show some moral fibre”. Indeed I often wish that on occasions I had shown a little more myself.

    The problem is, as lib2016, has commented is that her interests of association might conflict with that moral duty and might deter her from doing the right thing.

    It is a sad reflection on political life as practised that demonstrations of moral fibre are a moveable feast.

  • fair_deal

    Personally think she’ll go for the half-way house. Words of concern on the linkage but no call for a break and publicly back a call for a public inquiry

  • Stephen Copeland

    Jack Hermon is an old man suffering from Parkinson’s disease. While I most certainly have strong feelings about what he did in the old RUC, I think it is right to leave him out of the debate. Sylvia is a different person – she is not Jack, and she was not (AFAIK) ever in the RUC. She is an elected representative, and as such should make her own decisions based upon her own moral judgements, not upon her natural loyalty to her husband.

    If she fails to do the right thing, then it is reasonable to assume that her morality comes second to her loyalty, and to judge her accordingly. Loyalty may be noble, but she was elected to represent and serve all of her constituents, not just one.

    As I said, she has this one shot. If she fluffs it she will show herself to be a lesser person than many of us hoped.

  • lib2016


    The Hermons met long after Hermon’s obstruction of the Stalker inquiry had become public knowledge. I do understand the concept of ‘deniability’ but its overuse by those connected with unionism is very tiresome.

    Both sides felt that their vital interests were at stake and both sides fought a dirty war. We all know it so let’s admit it.


    So Sylvia Hermon is to be judged by the alleged actions of who she is married to?

    Lib1916, I rarely agree with you, but I never thought you would be so bitter and blinkered, not to mention downright sexist.

  • bertie

    I wish him luck and am right behind him.

    Mc Cord that is – not Lib2016

  • IJP

    It’s Alzheimer’s actually Stephen, but otherwise you’re absolutely spot on.

    Good post.

  • bertie

    Why would any loyalty to her husband make her view the UUP/UVF link up positively?

  • Harry

    So long as he can persuade her to do something about her hair that’s enough for me. Wash it perhaps, or complain to Tayto that the crinkling’s gone all wrong. Or bring along a wig…

    Why not question her on the basis of her husband? Why should we trust these unionist leaders and wait with baited breathe, when they refuse after all to do the decent thing like walk beside the parents of a murdered child in their own constituency. Or join up with a group of armed loyalists after having shouted about armed nationalists for years on end.

    My hour glass has run out. I have no more time for these people, any of them.

  • elfinto


    Why would any loyalty to her husband make her view the UUP/UVF link up positively?

    ‘Certain sections of the RUC are clode to the UVF’ Merlyn Rees 1975.

    Of course, Sir Jack, presided over the RUC including Special Branch for most of the 1980s. So it’s fair to assume that he knows alot about this issue. Maybe he could tell us how much Robin Jackson, aka the Jackal was being paid a week. Or maybe he could tell us if any of the Shankill Butchers were on the payroll.

    Harry, republicans need to convince the so-called garden centre Prods who ,by and large, don’t bother voting for the cretins you despise, that re-unification is in their best interests. Indeed it’s quite possible, if the DUP maintain their current stance, that Paisley, Robionson, Dodds & co. will do that for us.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Looking at today’s Newsletter, it seems that Sylvia Hermon is already on the same wave-length as McCord:


    The Ulster Unionists’ only MP has told party leader Sir Reg Empey to sever links with the PUP/UVF.

    Lady Sylvia Hermon said “enough was enough” and that the controversial relationship is “untenable”.
    In the wake of the UVF shooting of Mark Haddock – and a reiteration that the terror group will not address decommissioning before November 24 – Lady Sylvia said the party had become “a hostage to fortune”.
    She added: “In these circum-stances, I don’t believe the link is sustainable.”
    Lady Hermon said she remained loyal to the UUP leader, and any differences were solely on policy.
    However, in distancing herself from the alliance with the PUP she will put Sir Reg under more pressure to cut the link – and his party’s losses.
    It is understood he is working behind the scenes on four tests for the UVF to satisfy the party of its bona fides.

    Of course, the obvious question is what will she do if Empey ignores her.