McCabe controversy re-ignites

Following a RTE document about the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe, comments by Gerry Adams (sub reqd) and Martin Ferris have re-ignited the McCabe controversy. Gerry Adams has revealed the use of force had been “authorised” but not at the highest level. Martin Ferris would not condemn the killing, rejected describing those responsible as criminals and said he would not help the Garda track down IRA members still wanted for the crime.
PD Senator John Minihan has called on Gerry Adams to name the IRA member who authorised the use fo force.

Irish Defence Minister and Limerick East TD, Willie O’Dea, rounded on the Kerry TD saying:

“Martin Ferris has given us the Sinn Féin definition of justice….Sinn Féin has forfeited the right to talk about justice.”

“…it seemed the only circumstances where Sinn Fein was against crime was when it was being committed by someone who did not support the party and where it did not require its members to support the gardai.”

He added:

“Since the signing of the Good Friday agreement, we have waited for Sinn Fein to finally decide if it is a political party or just a political wing. Martin Ferris now makes it clear that they barely even qualify as a political wing,”

Martin Ferris seems to say people providing information to the police about criminal activity victimises :

“I have been a victim of a person who informed on me. I would never betray that loyalty to an organisation to which I once belonged.”

The renewed controversy and unwillingness to co-operate with the Garda brings fresh focus on DUP concerns about achieveing genuine support for policing from Sinn Fein.