Make hay while the sun shines

Northern Ireland is basking in glorious weather. It was a sunny and hot 30 degrees today, and it was a typical case of “If you have the good weather, there’s nowhere like Norn Iron”

While I am more familiar with fire hydrants from my childhood in the Bronx, it seems that the folks in Belfast are no strangers to the custom of cooling off in water hydrants.

The Water Service are less than amused and have said that ‘there were 42 incidences of water hydrants being set off in West Belfast in only four days this week and added that the vandals are wasting gallons of water and tens of thousands of pounds’ The high jinks caused a little political reaction too, with Tom Hartley from Sinn Fein commenting ‘Water is a very precious commodity. We pay for water already, and next year we will probably have to pay a lot more. Water needs to be looked after and not wasted in this way. They are wasting thousands and thousands of gallons of water and thousands of pounds of ratepayers’ money

Farmers are happy too, with a spokesman admitting as much on radio this evening. He warned that while it’s perfect weather for making hay, and farmers were happy, we were comforted to learn that they wouldn’t be happy if the dry spell lasts too long.

I hope this post is clear enough for everyone, but please feel free to ask for clarification.