Trimble takes ermine…

LORD Trimble of Lisnagarvey – a townland name which apparently translates as Fort of the Gamblers – has taken his seat in the House of Lords this afternoon. Not to be outdone, the DUP have three lords a-leaping – the party’s first ever. Ian Paisley’s wife Eileen is expected to be known as Baroness Paisley of St George’s after the ward which elected her to Belfast City Council in 1967.

  • foreign correspondent

    Lisnagarvey would indeed come from Lios na gCearrbhach, Fort of the Gamblers.
    Lisburn in Irish is Lios na gCearrbhach.
    Have a nice party, folks, but remember:
    Viva la Republica!

  • Stephen Copeland

    I think that translating ‘lios’ as ‘fort’ is a bit grandiose. A fort in the sense of a real fortified place would be ‘dún’ (as in Dungannon or Dungiven). A ‘lios’ is more of a ringfort, which would have been fairly lightly fortified, basically as a protection against rustlers and maybe wild animals (there were still wolves here in those days).

    On another note, I am gratified to have been proved right, even though it has taken a few years. At least two years ago, on Slugger, I predicted that Trimble would end up in the Lords (a safe bet, I admit), and that he would take the title Lisnagarvey.


    I’d have been more impressed two years ago if you’d predicted Gerry Adams was going to accept a peerage.
    Nowadays, anythings possible.

  • Cap’n Morgan

    I suppose it is better to be a peer than a pee(ee).

  • Nevin

    Lios Uí Gairbhith? (cf Lisnalinchy)

  • Henry94

    Isn’t Lord Trimble’s leadership of Unionism looking better by the day. Good luck to him in his new role.

  • Eddie

    Its a great day for this lovely wee province of ours. I for one will sleep more peacefully tonight knowing that Ulster is so well represented, in that most noble and illustrious House, by men of the calibre of Lord Kilclowney and now Lord Lisgarvaghy.

    It will be a boon twice over when Lady Eileen of Ranting and Ravinghill also graces the plush seats of said House with her elegant botty. Truly a great day for Ulster, GB, Her Majesty the Queen and the entire universe.

  • bertie

    …. as Empey takes Ervine!

  • Henry94

    Top of the class for that on bertie.

  • Valenciano

    Bertie, Not to mention the delicious irony of Paisley’s missus becoming involved in politics again on 6/6/06! 🙂

  • bertie

    You were only just spared a wee fantasy I was concocting where Reg’s initiative was due to a typo in a text from Trimble. 😉


    Someone with a sense of humour in charge of the Lords scheduling?

  • audley

    Hopefully this proves that the province and the mainland are inextricably intertwined. God bless the province, and god bless the mainland.

    Province and mainland – what a combination!!

  • micktvd

    Do other people on this blog of whatever political stripe choke on their porridge too when they read about “Lord so-and-so of such-and-such?” Who are these people? Do we live in democracies or not? Who supports an unelected upper house of appointees and octogenarians? Come on Harry Flashman, where are you? :}

  • páid

    PW Joyce (Irish Names of Places 1871) has

    “The word lios and rath were applied to the circular mound or entrenchment, generally of earth, thrown up as both a fortification and a shelter round the level space on which the houses were erected.”

    All over Ireland one still sees these in fields, trees marking their outline. Most farmers are still reluctant to destroy them for fear of incurring the wrath of the inhabitants of these “fairy forts”.

  • The Watchman


    Had someone already taken Vichy?

  • Nevin

    I did a quick search of placenames at for placenames beginning with ‘Lis’. It seems Ulster(511), especially Tyrone(93), Monaghan(87) and Cavan(79) are well away with the fairies. Munster has 409, Connaught 359 and Leinster a mere 139.

  • bertie


    I suspect that that was not totally sincere 😉

    to you and I, that will always be his name!