Move over Reg: DUP marching to UVF and UDA tune

The DUP’s South Down loyalist band have been accused of participating in a sectarian parade aimed at exacerbating tensions in Ballymena, only a matter of weeks after loyalists killed young catholic Michael McIlveen in the town.
Marching with bands carrying UVF flags and to pro-UDA chants, the South Down DUPers deliberately stopped outside All Saints catholic church to bang out some loyalist tunes.

Update: A number of contributors have rightly pointed out that the Kilcluney Volunteers are a separate entity from the South Down DUP flute band- my sincerest to the Vols of Kilcluney.

The DUP band, however, continues to be in the spotlight, with the Irish News (subs reqd) carrying a photograph of the band on parade in the controversial Ballymena parade, which included a band named after a UVF man killed during the 1970s.

Whilst not responsible for organising the Rathfriland parade at the weekend- as I earlier indicated- the decision by the South Down DUP band to stop outside a catholic church and play ‘No Pope in Rome’ has caused something of a stir locally.