Loyal Orders meet Brady

Leading figures from the Orange Order, Independent Orange Order and Royal Black Institution met the RC Archbishop Sean Brady. It was part of the Loyal Orders lobbying campaign that:

“the Parades Commission has failed and should be replaced by a better system of regulation of all events on the public highway.”

All parties expressed the hope for a peaceful summer.

  • Nevin

    [i]Billy Logan, sovereign grandmaster of the Royal Black Institution said the meeting was very useful.

    “We are open to dialogue with people of good will, of course we reserve the right to determine who we believe are people of good will,” he said.

    “Archbishop Brady is a man of very great integrity and indeed exceedingly good will.” [/i] .. BBC

    Let them eat cake – Mr Kipling’s of course …

  • fair_deal


    Cheers. I was in a rush put the pic in but forgot the link. D’oh

  • Ghost of O’Neill

    Changed times indeed, 2 DUP MLAs go to see the RC Archbishop, and not a peep of criticism. It can only be a matter of time before Rev IK Paisley and the Pope put their theological differences aside and get together in an act of Christian unity.

  • Yokel

    Note to Orange Order PR people…Public Highway..one step forward from the Queens Highway..now drop the term Highway completly…pompous and relates far too much mentally to a Harry Secombe show of many moons ago…

  • darth rumsfeld

    not necessarily so, ghost of o’neill, but …
    In the USA there is a recognised common agenda between the C church and the evangelical Christians- on matter such as abortion particularly. I could well imagine a similar coordination on matters of mutual concern- and like many would welcome it

  • Ghost of O’Neill

    Thats quite true Darth, but….

    What was all that protesting at the Presby General Assembly in the 60s all about? the Anti Pontiff protest at the Euro parliament?

    You have to admit that if Martin Smyth as head of the OO had had a meeting with the Head of the Irish RC Church about parading, the DUP would have jumped all over him…judas, lundy, blah. blah, blah…
    Now all it changed, changed utterly
    Progress perhaps?
    Or has MI6 infiltrated the Independent OO and the DUP?
    Wheres Marty Ingram?