When is cloning a human not cloning a human?

According to Professor Ian Wilmut, the man generally credited with cloning Dolly the Sheep, when it is a “cloning a 100-cell IVF embryo”. Others reject the idea and practices of human cloning.

  • Pete Baker

    Despite the line used in the BBC report, which you’ve taken to use in the post title, the actual quote provided in the piece makes the distinction he is trying to make clearer –

    “An early embryo is not a person, and I see the use of cloning to prevent a child having a dreadful hereditary disease as far less controversial.”

  • Pete Baker

    Probably a good idea to link to the Daily Telegraph for this.. since it’s their story to begin with.. and they’re having a blog-like discussion on it

    Personally I wouldn’t have bothered with the link to the objectors’ site.. *ahem* ANYway.. the serialisations mentioned in the BBC report can be found via the above link too.

  • fakin kant

    Here’s a quick aside to thicken the moral miasma surrounding the cloning/IVF/moral-status-of-embryos debate… when embryos are at the very early stages of development i.e. in a cluster of a small number of cells, it is possible to split those clusters up, and were one to implant each of those mini clusters in a woman’s womb, each would develop into a healthy child. However one can also simply put the clusters back together again to create a single embryo which will develop into a single healthy child.