Quote of the Day II

While Martin McGuinness is worried Tony Benn is relishing his latest threat:

“I had a death threat the other day and I was so pleased, I hadn’t had one for years.”

  • slug

    I am old enough to remember Benn predicting (in 1993) a united Ireland by year 2000.

  • fair_deal


    I think all of us are old enough to remember that.

  • slug


    A 1st year university student starting this October would be born in 1988 and would be about 5 when he said it, and proably wouldn’t remember.

    (I hope kids aren’t politically interested at that age).

  • joeCanuck


    you’re a pedant.
    I know, ball not man.
    Shame on me.

  • Bill

    Ball not man?

    Surely that discriminates against those who follow the William Webb Ellis game where the man and not the ball is played?

    End this discrimination NOW!