Quote of the day

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia has been re-elected, defeating Chavez acolyte, Ollanta Humala. His last term of office was highly unsuccessful but in reply to charges his re-election would lead to more of the same he said:

“Do you think I want my tombstone to read: ‘He was so stupid that he made the same mistakes twice’?”

  • Henry94

    Great quote. It reminds me of Brian Lenihan’s objection to the “tyranny of consistency”.

  • The Devil

    Hey Garcia come on over to Belfast, you can make the same mistake a hundred times and still get elected,

    just look at Alistair MacDonald.

  • Dread Cthulhu


    beat me to it, you pitchfork carrying menace.

  • Harry Flashman

    Recently the BBC and the Guardian et al have been salivating over the election of a couple of lefty head the balls in Latin America. I note that last week the Colombians elected a pro-George Bush president and now the Peruvians have given a huge mandate to a man whose main platform was opposition to looney Hugo in Venezuela.

    I’ve searched the BBC website and the Guardian high and low for gushing articles about the rise of the Right in Latin America but for the life of me I can’t seem to find any, I wonder why.

  • pondersomething

    Harry you are much mistaken if you think Garcia can be characterised as on the “right” – his

    His party APRA is one of the oldest leftist forces in Latin America – see Wikipedia:


    Many Peruvian leftists, including some Chavez supporters, disliked Chavez’s interference in the election, and also distrusted Humala as an opportunist. Garcia took in the votes of the Peruvian right, whose candidate Flores was knocked out in the first round – the right being more antipathetic to Humala than Garcia.

    Given that, Uribe aside, there now isn’t a single significant right-of-centre government on the continent I am unsurprised the newspapers aren’t gushing about a right-wing revival!

  • m

    Harry, your couple of “lefty head the balls” would no doubt include the governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and now (as pondersomething points out) Peru. The Left is on the rise in Latin America on a tide of economic nationalism, rejection of neo-liberal policies and the ‘Washington Consensus.’ The ‘looney’ Hugo Chavez has survived a military coup (supported by guess who) and won election after election in Venezuela, despite the strident opposition of the whole commercial media establishment in that country. Your assertion about the media establishment in Britain is not supported by the distorted picture of Latin America you offer. Please try again.

  • micktvd

    the last post was from me.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    micktvd: “The ‘looney’ Hugo Chavez has survived a military coup (supported by guess who) and won election after election in Venezuela, despite the strident opposition of the whole commercial media establishment in that country.”

    Sometimes a partial truth is worse than an outright lie…

    Chavez has also led a failed coup of his own, been taking leadership cues from Fidel Castro, embarked on a process of nationalization that will eventually collapse in on itself and meddled in the internal political affairs of his neighbors, such as giving shelter (and, allegedly, arms) to leftist rebels in Columbia. He has presided over an almost unprecedented surge in criminality, fueled in part by his arming of the urban poor and his populist / revolutionary rhetoric.

    As for his victories in elections, sometimes its not getting all the votes to count but making sure you’re the fella what counts the votes.

  • micktvd

    Dread Cthulhu, just about all of the substantive claims you make are dubious. Your prediction about economic collapse due to renationalisation of industry in Venezuela is, I surmise, just wishful thinking. Your guilt by association with Castro claim is meaningless without elaboration.If you have evidence of Chavez arming the poor in Venezuela, or the FARC in Colombia, please provide links. Haven’t seen anything serious about this in the press, or anything about a crime wave. The recent elections were declared free and fair by all the main independent observers over there. Where are you getting your info. Dread? Is it the Wall Street Journal? I know they have been running some very anti-Chavez articles, for obvious reasons. Chavez is not just a populist. He is popular. His enemies are very angry.Yes, the bit about him leading an insurrection is true. But I think there are reasons to trust his democratic credentials now.