McGuinness: “enemies are trying to get me killed”

Martin McGuinness was fairly vocal on a range of media channels yesterday with a fairly clear message, that whoever is behind the idea that he was ever a British spy (and on RTE yesterday he seemed to be blaming elements of the DUP – see FD’s Loyalist conspiracy theory for the converse), was trying to get him killed. Given the rough ‘justice’ meted out to Denis Donaldson, it’s not an implausible outcome where it proved conclusively. But in McGuinness’s case, conclusive proof one way or the other seems unlikely to emerge.

  • Gerry

    more on cryptome

  • Roisin

    “Nice bit about MMcG being in the Denis seat with Bobby Storey etc asking him questions not related to how the DUP/MI% like their tea.”

    Indeed. Perhaps MI instead of calling on MMcG to debate the issue publicly with him, would be amenable to debating the issue with MMcG in private, with Bobby Storey etc present. A nice compromise methinks.

    How about it, Ingram?

  • Betty Boo

    Wee Jack just wants to meet the real Martin in person. Maybe he fancies him, maybe it is something else. Who knows and who cares?

  • minnie mouse

    I agree with u there BB who knows ad who cares?

  • minnie mouse

    sorry, about the typos.

  • darling deirdre

    Is this slugger through the looking glass? Ingrams a republican and Mcguinness a brit? Could they be related? I think we should be told!

    From Darling Deirdre

  • Point of information for Garibaldy: Ó Caoláin is not ex-FF.

  • Garibaldy


    Are you sure about that? I swear I could recall reading in several different places that he was when he first emerged on the national political scence

  • Yes, absolutely certain.

    His first major political role was DoE for Kieran Doherty.

  • Martin is now in the Basque country exporting his peace strategy. The Indo quotes A Spanish newspaper said that “if he isn’t a mole, he clearly has had the support of the British security services to eliminate possible rivals.”