A Loyalist conspiracy theorist take on the McGuinness claims

I bumped into a Loyalist friend yesterday afternoon. He is a fan of conspiracy theories and politically so hardline he is already condemning Paisley as a TLQ (Traitor/Lundy/Quisling). He put forward this theory about the McGuinness claims and their timing. The claims were made after the failed nomination of McGuinness as Deputy First Minister. Last time large chunks of the Unionist population were tres peeved off when Martin was made Minister for Education. The Government wants to dissipate such a feeling in future in the more important position of Deputy First Minister. Thus, put about the story he is an agent therefore “Why worry if Martin is DFM? Sure, he works for the Brits anyway.”

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times has an article questioning the authenticity of the document Martin Ingram based his claim upon.