Quote of the weekend..

At least.. Following England’s World Cup warm-up match against Jamaica at Old Trafford [6 – 0 btw – Ed].. Belfast-born ITV News presenter Andrea Catherwood on the 5.45pm UK-wide news programme, speaking to a reporter outside the ground, on the quality of the opposition – “Jamaica.. well, they’re not Northern Ireland, are they?” heh heh

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  • abucs

    Perhaps NI could look at playing with the North American grouping for the 2010 world cup.
    A North Atlantic Confederation ?
    You’d have to think they’d have Trinadad + Tobago covered.
    Sure, there’s too many teams in Europe now anyway. We’d just be helping FIFA out.

    6 goals for England sounds like a good warm up result.

  • slug

    Andrea’s great.

    And just one of a string of local people doing well in media careers.

  • “Heh, heh” Pete?

    Andrea was RIGHT ! They are NOT Northern Ireland – Jamaica are currently ranked 46 in the world and Northern Ireland are 96 !! Makes them a lot better I’d say…

  • elfinto

    Great looking maybe, but great, surely not?

    Since when did reading off an autocue on the state-sponsored propaganda / celebrity channel dumbed-down ‘news’ programme make anyone great?

  • peaceandjustice

    A nice tongue in cheek comment from Andrea Catherwood! It made me smile … and reminded everyone of that great victory when Northern Ireland beat England. Well done girl!

  • Elfinto,

    “Great looking” ?? You need to get out more mate…!

    Now if you want great looking I ran into a hen night from Newcastle upon Tyne at The City Hall today ! They are all going to Fibber Magees tonite for the diddley dees. Everyone a cracker!! I’ll give you all the update tomoro…! Howay the lasses…!

  • albert

    Are Jamaican supporters bigots ?

  • GurnyGub

    You’re half right, and it’s not the looks.
    ‘Member her very cheesy undie photos in The Sunday World many years ago? If you’re gonna wear it, it should at least fit.

  • Pete Baker


    This post is in the humour category for a reason.

    I thought the line was both self-deprecating [in regard to the quality of the NI team] and designed to deflate over-optimistic responses to the score-line today.. and it was delivered to a predominantly English audience. It took several seconds for the reporter at the ground to recover his composure.

    Try to keep the comments in the same humorous category.

  • elfinto

    I wasn’t aware that there was a humour category on Slugger and anyway, I have no sense of humour.

    Can anyone post a like to the cheesy underwear pictures?

  • GurnyGub

    ‘Guys’? or Guy?
    I thought most posts were in the same humorous vein.

  • GurnyGub

    No link, just a vague memory of the front page and an inside spread, and an “Oh, that’ll come back to haunt her!” thought. Wrong again.

  • Tim

    Lovely little quip, hopefully someone will have it on You Tube or Google Video in the near future.

  • Doctor Who

    “Heh, heh” Pete?

    “Andrea was RIGHT ! They are NOT Northern Ireland – Jamaica are currently ranked 46 in the world and Northern Ireland are 96 !! Makes them a lot better I’d say…”

    The phrase humourless tw@t springs to mind.

  • nutjack

    whining about the fact that someone correctly pointed out Northern Ireland are 50 places below Jamaica makes me think of the phrase ‘humourless twat’ too

    you humourless twat 😉

    *plays man and ignores the ball*

  • Pete Baker

    The BBC sports dept. agree.. that it’s a good quote.. *ahem*