Something fragrant about Stormont

A girl likes a nice bunch of flowers in the house, but even still, a lady avoids extravagance. Not so the Stormont gang who spent over £50,000 on fresh flowers since suspension.Sammy Wilson likes them though, he is quoted as saying that ‘the displays were an indication of the ‘vibrancy’ of the building.’ I dont remember the episode personally, but I understand Sammy would be familiar with vibrancy issues?

In any case, under FOI we also learn that almost £300,000 has been paid to contractors, Mount Charles Catering Ltd, who are responsible for cleaning the Assembly’s premises.

Miss Fitz is a bit jealous. I clean my own house and spend about a fiver a week on wilted flowers from Lidl. But then, I dont work as hard as your average Assembly person I guess.

  • Donnacha

    50K on flowers….I guess the orange blossoms weren’t on special then…

  • Pete Baker

    I’m not convinced that the reporting, by the Belfast Telegraph, of this particular minutae of the spending on the assembly is as astonishing as they seem to think it is.

    The building remained operating, and staffed, and visited during this time. The contracts, for flowers etc, may have covered the period involved anyway.

    And whether we might wish to see MLAs hoovering the debating chamber or not.. they ain’t going to be doing it.

    Peter Hain on the other hand…

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Since when were flowers necessary for a building that was, essentially, lightly staffed and little used?

    The only flowers I ever noticed in Stormont were in the Great Hall. If they weren’t there I doubt if anyone would have missed them.

    Unless they were lilies, obviously.

    Fake, plastic flowers would have been more cost efficient, and let’s face it, more appropiate!

  • Miss Fitz

    Well, one thing I do know is that in Hillsborough, they cut flowers from the garden and arrange them in the Castle, thus saving on bills.

    I’m afraid I dont share your complacency on this Pete, it’s my money and your money, and I’m sorry but I have too many clients waiting until 30 people die so they can get drugs like Interferon to think that using money is this way is effective.

    I’m with Gonzo on this one, let them have plastc

  • Pete Baker

    Yeah, Gonzo, that’s a reasonable assessment of the Belfast Telegraph’s point of view..

    Miss Fitz

    I’m not complacent on this.. but there are much worse examples of wasteful spending by Government that this. There’s also, as I tried to point out, little detail of the actual circumstances of this expenditure over the 3 years it covers.

  • eChad

    Don’t know where to put it. Here’s the..

    Ireland World Cup song

  • Pete Baker


    “than this”

    Preview, Pete.. Preview!

  • dave

    Who supplied the flowers ?

  • McGrath


    We are doomed, there are those who will even argue about flowers, not the cost, but their political significance.

    I have a cunning plan to secretly add Prozac to the countries water supply.

  • The-Planter

    The (forget-me-nots) were for David Trimble

    The (pansies) were for Paul Berry

    The (prickely-pear) were for Bob McCartney

    The (lilys) were for Denis Donaldson

    The (tobacco plant) were for the Shinners to stop them smuggling

    The (creepers) were for the Ulster Unionists

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all, and we can’t forget poppies…how the brits do love their poppies…Don’t want to forget how the first queen elizabeth in 1606 chartered ships to bring opium back to england and how the opium of the poppy made the british east india company the tool the brits used to dominate the opium trade. Yep, the british crown and the british industry love how rich and powerful they became due to the poppy and it’s opium….Yeah…they sure do love their poppies.

  • DK


    Go troll elsewhere.

  • Myself, I can only once again pause to marvel at just how resourceful a dame Liz One was – drug trafficking in 1606, eh? I wonder what else she was doing that oddly precise year, other than being dead?

  • McGrath

    7 September 1533 to 24 March 1603

    Who knew she was tweeker. Liz that is, maybe Kathy too.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    Oh I see, anyone else can mention a flower and be ok…I mention the poppie and the british connection to the drug trade and I’m troller. but let’s look at history…1793 the british east india company had a monopoly on the opium trade and all the poppy growers in India were forbidden to sell their opium to competiitor trading companies….the brits love the poppy…it made their empire rich….and if others can guess and make fun of what flower was at Stormont…I can say it was and is the poppy.

    there was a tv show and famed reporte in the US called Ted Kppel and his show Nightline in doing a special report on Hong Kong admited the british empire before 1921 was the worlds leading drug trafficker….in the poppy. Real funny to say that the shinners deal in tobacco…but then get all bent out of shape with the british empire connection to the poppy-opium trade.