EU changes to help British Isles crime fight

The problem of criminal gangs operating across British and Irish borders is well known and not restricted to the land border here. Now the European Union has agreed new procedures to speed up the transfer of evidence between member states for criminal investigations. Germany and the Netherlands have some opt out clauses but the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland do not.

  • CS Parnell

    British Isles is no doubt in the headline to wind us all up.

    Well, I’ve read Confessions of an Irish Rebel so I refuse to be wound up.

  • fair_deal

    “to wind us all up”

    1. You have your world view and I have mine.
    2. Strange as some find this to believe my world does not revovle around how I can annoy nationalists.

  • ingram


    Strange as some find this to believe my world does not revovle around how I can annoy nationalists.


  • CS Parnell

    FD, just trying to inject some levity into our discussions of the (temporarily) occupied six on a Friday afternoon.

    And making a point before the whatboutthemuns brigade from SF turned up 🙂

    But as you are clearly a Presbo and it is well known youse have no sense of humour, I’ll return to eating my fish.

  • fair_deal


    Fair enough. Wrong on the Prebo thing though.

    Although theologically speaking, I have often wondered why Irish nationalists don’t join the Reformed Presbyterians?
    Technically, they refuse to recognise the British state ;). In the past it was common for RP Ministers to stand outside polling stations to ensure their congregation didn’t vote.

  • CS Parnell

    Obvious, innit? We all take our orders from the Pope and he hasn’t ordered us to do that yet.

    Anyway, we couldn’t be doing with all that anti-iconography stuff. The Sacred Heart mountain would overwhelm the refuse services of everywhere West of the Bann.

  • fair_deal

    Are sacred hearts not biodegradeable?
    Maybe they could sell them to fundamentalist evangelicals for them to smash?

  • eranu

    you know the way nationalists love to think of something and then put ‘all ireland’ infront of it? i wonder will this change mean that there is no need for an ‘all ireland such and such’ to tackle cross border crime, co operation between states being the favoured EU idea.
    EU wide ‘makes sense’ does actually make sense 🙂

  • Occasional Commentator

    The EU is no substitute for the all-Ireland Republic. Neither the occupiers of the 26 counties nor of the 6 counties have the right to join the EU on behalf of Ireland.

    Never mind Turkey, when will the inheritors of the first (or second? I can never remember exactly) Dáil be invited to take part in talks about accession to the EU?

    (Tongue in cheek. I suppose it’s not really funny either!)