A little something for the weekend II

Dubliner Richard Corrigan is one of the four winners in the Great British Menu competition. He will prepare Northern Ireland’s contribution to the menu, the starter, smoked salmon with irish soda bread, woodland sorrel and cress, for the Queen and her guests at a birthday celebration. With a nice warm weekend on its way a light fish meal might earn a few brownie points (although the Glenarm organic salmon may be toughie to get quickly).

  • smirkyspice

    well done to Richard Corrigan! his food looked fantastic, he was brilliant and charming and he beat the pants off local boy Paul Rankin too haha awwww

  • Corrigan is not a “Dubliner”. He’s from Ballivor in Co Meath.


  • Global

    Anyone who takes that trans-atlantic poser Rankin to the cleaners is OK by me.

  • andrew

    Fair play to Corrigan, it was thoroughly deserved.

    And it was even better seeing him wipe the floor with that prat Rankin

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Forgive a dissenting voice but quite apart from the whole thing being rigged and a complete waste of time was it not just the most boring, turgid, tedious piece of television this year? It was filling the “Masterchef” slot without the drama or fun – very poor BBC.

    Anyone else worried they couldn’t get 2 decent chef’s who are actually from NI? (I assume Robbie Millar couldn’t make it on account of his being dead but where was Michael Deane?)

  • heraldo the imaginary belgian fruit cake 1957

    Esmeralda if only Mrs Windsor ate proper food, like bags of lard, or fried shite then the REAL cream of Ulster cuisine could have shone.

    Has anyone here ever ordered a cesar salad in Aughnacloy without being acused of being a homosexual?.

  • barcas

    I agree that the programme was mind-bendingly boring but the dance programme competition(whose name I have already forgotten) was even worse, at least the cookery programme had only the mind-numbing anodyne Jenny Bond to introduce it. The dance programme had the campest creature ever to be exported from Ireland as its compere. Ugh!!!!

  • Alan Law

    Quite why you’d want to go to Aughnacloy to order a ceser salad is a mystery….
    Some Good restaurants creeping up over the place, like Arbutus in Kilrea, The Ramore Wine Bar, 55 Degrees North in Portrush and Gardiners in Magherafelt….but Aughnacloy?

  • Moochin photoman

    Try Ginger on Little Hope Street Belfast great restruant, the foods excellent and the chef Simon McChance is a star waiting to happen……go, you will not be dissapointed