DUP’s ones to watch for the future

Beano has a guest blogger who speculates on the movements/factions inside the DUP. It is (as the guest author acknowledges) all a bit Da Vinci codeish, and it conflates religous affliation without reference to the wider internal context of the party. But certainly some of the people he mentions are likely to become big DUP names of the future, not least North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey and David McConaghy who was key to David Simpson’s unseating of David Trimble in Upper Bann last year, and seems to have got things moving in the Independent Orange.


  • willis

    Any chance of a link?

  • Nevin
  • Nevin – Don’t you mean “puppet masters”?

  • Nevin

    Just teasing, Levee!!

    Perhaps I should observe that Storey has been leading the ‘troops’ in Ballymena against those naughty Murray mints, not the Paisleys or the DUP councillors.

    Meanwhile up in Moyle DUP councillor, Davy McAllister, still appears to be in situ despite his prosecution for fraud. Perhaps he has something on some of his colleagues that will make him difficult to shift.

    BTW Gardiner Kane’s departure from the scene was ‘self-inflicted’; Storey was the accidental beneficiary.

    DUP MLA demands all-Ireland action shock!!

    [i]I will be asking the Minister to combine forces with his counterpart in the Irish Republic …[/i]

    DUP MP uncovers sinful behaviour in the Foreign Office!!

    [i]It important that a blind eye is not turned to this abuse and employees should understand that this behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated in the work place[/i]

    Just because they were caught browsing Slugger O’Toole?

  • willis

    Is the market for fundamentalism getting bigger or are they just swallowing up the minnows?

  • fair_deal

    “BTW Gardiner Kane’s departure from the scene was ‘self-inflicted’”

    As was Roger Hutchinson’s.

    So the advancement of two of the four was not the first public move of some hidden plan that this article implies.

    This piece is too much of an outsider looking in.
    1. It hasn’t got the personal dynamics right or were the debate is at inside the DUP (what limited discussion there is about the next leader).
    2. It misses out some key CALEB people in the DUP.
    3. The influence of EPS is overestimated. While many of the non-religious would no little of its influence, and thus is often overlooked, it is not as influential as it once was especially in the historic Protestant churches here.
    4. It makes a big and questionable assumption on the level of business contacts/support. Dawson’s work with Business in the Community did not create some hidden DUP business network or funding stream.
    5. On David Simpson’s senior officer stuff, he may have had a grand title but that didn’t entitle him to a seat on the officer team. He took the position of Assistant treasurer a few weeks back so he could get on the officer team.
    6. As regards the social agenda, Protestant evangelicals are simply adopting the agenda of American religious conservatives. It also ignores that this is something of a shift away from straight anti-ecumenism also it was this agenda that contributed to a reduction in barriers between Protestant evangelicals and the RC church in America.
    7. In terms of advancement, the only Westminster opportunity for Storey or Dawson is North Antrim. However, that crumbles on the rock of Paisley’s wishes. (Personally think Dawson would make a very good candidate in south Belfast but he is probably too much a creature of North Antrim to entertain such a move. Although maybe following in the footsteps of Sloane could tug at the heartstrings.)

    It reads a bit like a theory a bunch of ECONI(or whatever its new name is) people would come up with about what is going on in the DUP and Ulster Protestant evangelism but it misses and hits the wall.

  • fair_deal


    “Is the market for fundamentalism getting bigger or are they just swallowing up the minnows?”

    It is a bit of both. Overall Church participation is down. However, within those that do there is a shift towards the smaller evangelical and charismatic churches.

  • Harry

    Is the future of my country really to be disproportionately influenced by the predilections of a bunch of Protestant extremists, gay bashers and, god forbid, ‘creationists’?

  • Nevin

    FD, last year I asked Mervyn Storey if he’d mind an investigation into the relationships between developers, planners and politicians. He said he wouldn’t have a problem with that. I wonder how many MLAs and councillors would quake in their shoes if such an investigation was put in place. Do you think any DUP people might be exposed?

  • Carson’s Cat

    What exactly does any planning investigation have to do with the topic? But, bring it on – let anyone who would be embarassed, from any quarter, be highlighted.

    As for the supposed expose on some DUP master-plan by David McConaghie. I’ve never even heard of this man apart from seeing him at some IOO press conference. So what if he’s David Simpson’s secretary. How does that qualify him to take over the DUP?

    It really is fantastic the conspiracy theories people will concoct to claim they know what goes on in within decision-making in the DUP. If its not the old religious vs secular routine then they have to dream up this one.

    In fairness though, I would give points for creativity.

    There may be a point to be made about the IOO taking the lead in joint press coferences but I think the only signal that sends out should be to the OO that they need to get a Grand Master who can articulate some views. Nice as Saulters is, he’s not up to it. Interesting to see though that in the IOO plan to overthrow the world they forgot that David Simpson is a ‘senior Orangeman’ in the main OO.

    If nothing else at least the article points out that the DUP has people like Dawson and Storey who have a modicum of intelligence and talent, who know about issues like business etc.

    Someone in the UUP should do a similar article on Billy Armstrong and how he’s going to use potatoes to take-over the universe!

  • Mick Fealty
  • The Dog

    I think that the planning issue becomes important in relation to what is clearly going on in places such as Fermanagh where the link between the OO, DUP and the buying up and parcelling off of farm land to greedy property speculators is fairly public.

    In South Down for example the links between Wells and the planning service locally is fairly well known as is his ability to influence decsions.

    But how any of this is helpful in understanding the internal mechanics of the DUP or neo-conservative fundamentalism is beyond me.

    Although to be fair neo-cons in the US are pretty corrupt when it comes to money and have an awful habit of double standards and moralising – i.e it is right to make money if it is us making it because we are on the right side – it doesn’t mater who we kill, main or terrorise or that we lie, steal and cheat or even what laws are broken – because we are on the side of the just (and we decide who’s in that gang.

  • Dec

    Is the future of my country really to be disproportionately influenced by the predilections of a bunch of Protestant extremists, gay bashers and, god forbid, ‘creationists’?


    Look on the brightside: at least we’ll be spared having to spend eternity with any of them.

  • Nevin

    I mention the planning issue because some of those in a potential leadership tussle might just find themselves tarnished by a public investigation.

  • OSNI

    As is often the case with such matters, those who know, don’t comment and those who comment, don’t know.

  • Paul P

    Peter Robinson should be credited for steering the DUP to it’s premier position electorally.

    Do you think he’s just going to roll over and give the Free P’s a free hand?

  • princeofdarkness

    Oho, the robinsonites seem to feel a bit slighted. It certainly will be interesting to see what happens in the future with regards the leadership of the DUP.

  • Billy Boyce

    Congratulations Matty on a stimulating, challenging and very refreshing piece of journalism. I’m not sure about some of the conclusions, but there are simply too many facts here to allow anyone to dismiss outright what Matty has to say. The piece might read a bit like a Dan Brown novel, but it’s a lot more accurate. I think Matty has identified some of the key players (although there could well be others who have yet to emerge) and, as Ulster faces very serious pressures over the coming weeks and months, it’s very encouraging that there are still such men in the country.

  • Whatever

    Firstly & Lastly next leader of DUP – Peter Robinson.

    Lets not waste any more time on that debate.

    Leader in waiting for so long & mastermind behind current DUP position.

    How could anyone else get it!

    PS: I’m a Free P.

  • Wharf

    The post by whatever and I fear those by some others miss the point. What Matty has said – and said in a very persuasive way allowing for some loose ends – is that Simpson, Dawson, Storey, McConaghie (with the help possibly of a few others) are intent on making it irrelevant who the next leaderof the DUP is.

    According to Matty’sa article their object si to command the feel of the party.

    Sure he probably has made a few leaps of faith, but having read his piece a few times, looked at the web link he included from some time ago, and looked up the relevant oddities in Simpson’s parliamentary record; it has to be said that Matty has got some things absolutely correct. There manifestly IS collabortation, and there manifestly IS a hard line religous foundation to it, and it manifestly MUST be the case that they are unlikely to settle for where they are currently.

    I would suggest that people read the actual text a little more closely.

  • nancyboy

    Let’s be clear; once the big man quits the scene the DUP will never again have a leader for life. Robinson (as Matty has admitted in his article) or whoever will be subjected to the normal strains of any party leader. His life expectency will be just like any other party leader.

    It see no reason whatever why people like Simpson, Dawson etc wouldn’t be putting their measures in place for just such a day.

    The complexion of the DUP post the Assembly 03 election has been obscured by the Donaldson etc defections, but in real terms the Assembly group isif any thing even more fundamentalist than before – witness Dawson, Storey, Simpson, Moutray, Diane Dodds – all Free P’s.

    There is no doubt that Donaldson has not got an earthyl chance of being leader and Robinson probably will be, but if the leader’s political hands are tied by this group and their allies in the way Trimble’s were?

  • Paul P

    In light of the strategic errors of Empey, Kenedy et al the UUP vote will decline further.

    The DUP will not benefit from this if they are perceived as fundmentalist evangelicals.

    Wasn’t there a protest at the last DUP conference by such evangelicals. Didn’t Dawson respond to this protest on BBC Sunday Sequence and he certainly wasn’t egging the protestors on.

  • BooBoo

    You think the DUP conspiracy is fascinating?

    In the late 1970s the UUP was infiltrated by a group of people, each and every one of whom was a congenital and spineless moron. Within 20 years they had grown strong enough to take control and destroy the UUP from within.

    But what you didn’t know was that they were controlled from outside the party. And guess which party!!!!!!!!!


  • lal lan

    Next leader has got to be Jim Allister. He could carry Robinson’s brain in his ear.

  • Matty

    It has been interesting reading the reaction to my piece tonight.

    Here is how I see it. None of these four men are braying fools in the Roy Gillespie mould. Yes it was indeed Dawson who slapped down the protestors at the DUP conference; but don’t forget he did it alongside the party leader who was also interviewed on Sunday Sequence about the protest the same day, and Dawson echoed his arguments.

    This is about power! It is about fulfilling one’s agenda. I do not believe that they have done all of this just to take the DUP back into the desert of perpetual opposition.

    They are all of them clever, astute and the equal of any politician in Northern Ireland. Living as I do in Upper Bann I witnessed up close the way in which the Simpson/McConaghie partnership laid waste to Trimble.

    The UUP can forget about reclaiming Upper Bann unless it wises up pretty sharpish.

    Dawson, Storey and McConaghie have united the vast bulk of the evangelicals around them via the Caleb organisation and the EPS. They have also taken the helm of the entire Loyal Order family.

    I ask simply:

    Is there evidence of particular collaboration between these four?

    Have they managed to gather together a range of support that has particular influence in the DUP?

    Can we trace a highly conservative religious agenda running through their shared campaigning?

    I believe the answer to all of this is yes. I know that there are gaps in my story. I know too that I do not have and have never claimed to have all knowledge on this matter, but it does seem to me (and for the most part the reaction to what I wrote seems to give some credence to at least part of my argument) that these four do have a case to answer.

  • wharf

    Ok then Matty;

    what happens to baby Doc in all of this?

  • Matty

    In my opinion, that doesn’t matter a toot!

    He will go whever there is a position. One thing is for sure he ain’t goin to follow his dad to Westminster. If not Dawson ( and I don’t think these gang of four will launch a full frontal attack on a Paisley which makes me still think that he is more likely to pick off a weak member of the herd in Jimmy Spratt) it will be Allister. Allister has pieces of people like Ian junior in his stool!

  • Garibaldy

    I wouldn’t underestimate the Robinsons in all this. Peter Robinson is a first-rate politician (at least in NI terms), and he and his wife hold two seats. They can’t simply be brushed aside or ignored. Sammy Wilson I presume would come down on their side in any power struggle. Look at who the ministers were. I don’t think they were primarily from the Free P element. I’ve seen Campbell described as belonging to the Free P element, but he’s struck me more as a moderniser recently, as has Nigel Dodds, though I’m prepared to bow to the superior knowledge of others. Don’t underestimate the desire to get into power of our local politicians. After all, virtually their first act was to change their names from Assembly Members to the much more impressive Members of the Legislative ASsembly

  • Matty

    The DUP ministers were Robinson and also

    Dodds Free P and Orange Order
    Campbell Free P and Independent Orange Order
    and Maurice Morrow Free P (Dungannon – same as Simpson)

  • nancyboy

    Y’know lads (and lasses) I do not, I repeat I do not go in for conspiracy theories – as an avid UUP observer I obviously favour the total cock up theory, but I have to say, I think Matty has genuinely hit on something here.

  • wharf

    Poor old Peter!

    Could he have spent so long in the big Doc’s shadow only to be stiffed by his own team?

  • Garibaldy


    I realise they are members of the Free P church, but does that mean they aren’t political pragmatists? It seems to me that Dodds and Campbell have at the least been making the right conciliatory noises on this front.

    You do seem to be on to something here – is there an American connection here, because it seems they might be adopting the tactics of the Christian right there.

    Another potentially limiting factor on their behaviour is the fact that they now represent the majority of unionists, who are more moderate on most matters. They can’t run too far away from the centre and hold their status. One mistake can be very costly – look at Berry and Cecil Walker, who for different reasons lost what they had with little warning.

  • Matty

    Hi Garibaldy

    I don’t believe that these four are in the business of just tossing elections away. As I said earlier, this is after all about power.

    However I think it is fair to say that the whole Caleb/EPS/IOO project is about the creation of a ‘moral majority’ type vehicale in Northern Ireland.

    Simpson, Dawson etc will I believe stiffle any attempt to completely secularise the DUP. of course there will be pragmatic politics, but it will simply be the carriage on which the other theocratic stuff will be transported.

  • Garibaldy


    I agree on no complete secularisation, and on the moral majority type thing. The logic of trying to hook the theocratic stuff to this is that it will be the theocratic stuff that has to be loosened. The largest numbers of votes to be won are from disenchanted UUP voters who reject the theocratic agenda. Look at the sidelining of McCrea. He’s a spent force.

    Let’s hope Robinson, Wilson, Donaldson et al are as clever as I think they are.

  • Matty

    It is my view that in all of this Donaldson is utterly irrelevant. Sure Robinson might view him as some kind of support, but the real power in the DUP lies with the party Executive. it is drawn from the various consituency assoc’s across the province and Donaldson has absolutely no power base. Indeed this is where I believe that Robinson is also most vulnerable. Local Constituency assoc’s would usually select people who have invested some years into the party – does that not sound like a recipe for a party executive stacked with people more in tune with Simpson, Dawson, Storey and McConaghie, than Robinson and Donaldson?

  • Garibaldy


    As I’ve said I’m happy to defer to your superior knowledge of the ins and outs of the DUP, and what you’re saying sounds entirely plausible and not a little scary. But again, public representatives have more weight than they’re entitled to by virtue of their position. Donaldson I agree has no base within the DUP, but he is a bridge to disaffected UUP people and therefore important. In addition if they mistreat him too badly he can walk with no risk of losing his seat at all. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see him as the leader of the UUP at some point in the future. He wouldn’t be the first who had left to return to this position.

  • fair_deal


    “I don’t think these gang of four will launch a full frontal attack on a Paisley”

    LMAO. Do you really think so? My. My.

    “Is there evidence of particular collaboration between these four?”

    Members of the same party co-operating together, quelle surprise. Every think it might just be a well co-ordinated party?

    “Have they managed to gather together a range of support that has particular influence in the DUP?”

    Er No. CALEB membership is made up of churches and activists known for their independence of thought as do those in EPS. So any claim that they are all of one mind politically let alone a faction of one party is foolish.

    “Can we trace a highly conservative religious agenda running through their shared campaigning?”

    This is the DUP we are talking about here, this hardly acts as a distinguishing mark. What about Willie McCrea? Nelson McCausland? Jim Allister and Gregory Campbell are FP’s and social conservatives too? The degree of distinction you claim for these four from many others in the DUP is a mirage.

    “I know too that I do not have and have never claimed to have all knowledge on this matter”

    It shows. Your theory is based too much on the Upper Bann area and the Simpson and McConachie connection which is well-known as is their social conservatism.

    The removal of Trimble in Upper Bann is hardly a distinguishing feature for the skills of Simpson and McConachie as the same pattern was repeated in constituency after constituency. Yes it did require hard work and good political management but it also required the UUP to mess-up too just like the other constituencies.

    “the whole Caleb/EPS/IOO project”

    The cross-over in membership extends much further than these four (and DS isn’t in the IOO either) some of whom are aligned with various other prominent figures in the DUP – McCrea, Campbell, Dodds and Robinson. Have the DUP members who share similar affiliations missed a lot of meetings? Has it slipped their mind to pass this on to those they support?

    “Hello Nigel, How are you?”
    “Fine, what you been up to?”
    “I was at a CALEB meeting last night.”
    “What happened?”
    “Nothing much just the usual chat about the four horsemen of CALEB/EPS/IOO taking control of the DUP”

    No such joint project exists between these organisations for supreme control of the DUP.

    I said earlier you just haven’t got a grasp of the personal dynamics in the DUP and your comment about most DUP ministers not being Free P demonstrated your ignorance. Also, Robinson pushed for Dawson to be put on the East Antrim ticket. So a key part of the jigsaw for ‘the project’ came about because of someone who should be living in fear of ‘the project’.

    Your stuff aroung the Executive also shows you don’t know that much about internal workings either. Power lies with Paisley, then the officer team and then the Executive. Also in terms of future leadership the Assembly Group has a key role.

    You also seem unaware that the policy team of the DUP, those who research and actually write the policy defining the direction of the DUP, are largely ex-UUP and under the de-facto control of Peter Robinson.

  • Nevin


    Here’s a little more meat for your point about DUP ‘sleepers’ in the UUP. Back in 1998, Mr X resigns from a branch of the UUP in North Antrim – I’ve seen a photocopy of his handwritten resignation letter dated IIRC sometime in May. Come the next election Mr X is a DUP council candidate and a self-declared long term member of the party. His ‘resignation’ presumably was intended to scare the UUP horses in the run-up to the referendum on the Agreement.

  • Whatever

    Granted – I take the point that what is being implied in the article is that the Gang of 4 will pull the strings on any would be new leader of the DUP…

    My opinion – Far too over-simplified!

    However I am willing to listen! please include a list of issues that the G of F would wish to advance that would be contrary to a Robinson agenda.


  • Carson’s Cat

    “Dodds Free P and Orange Order
    Campbell Free P and Independent Orange Order
    and Maurice Morrow Free P (Dungannon – same as Simpson)”

    Ok, so what are you saying about the Ministers – they are all (excluding Robinson) members of either the OO or the IOO.

    Exactly how different is that likely to be in the UUP? There wouldnt probably be any IOO members in their Ministerial team, but there is a fair to good chance that they would all be Orangemen. Would that mean that there is an Orange plot to control everything? NO. It simply reflects the fact that a fair percentage of Protestant men are members of the Orange Order. That % increases noticably for elected reps, at all levels.

    Its hardly something new to point out the fact that the Free P Church is over-represented in the DUP compared to NI society.

    As for Donaldson’s ‘influence’ on the DUP Executive. Its made up of reps from every Constituency. Therefore he has at least the support of the Lagan Valley people – they all know that they wouldnt have an MP were it not for Donaldson. Its not a competition with them, they like Edwin Poots, but they know that he would never have beaten Donaldson for as long as Jeffrey continued to run. Donalson and Arlene Foster have always been close, there probably is a Fermanagh element of support for Donaldson.

    The biggest problem with Matty’s theory is however, that he has rightly pointed out that all of the elected people he mentions are astute politicians. We can also assume that they like the fact that the DUP are the largest party and would most probably like to continue to see the electoral demise of the UUP and continued growth of the DUP.

    Now, how would an astute DUP politican continue to out-move the UUP? It wouldnt be by pandering exclusively to evangelical Christians. Most of the vote for the DUP anyway. Whilst they would obviously seek to retain that vote (it doesnt have much place to go) the votes are in ‘middle-ground’ unionism, i.e. the kind of people who were particularly attracted in recent years by the Robinson policies and the vindication of that through the movement of people like Donaldson and Foster.

    There seems to be remarkably little known about the internal ‘politics’ of the DUP – probably the only party which is less known about is Sinn Fein. However, there seems to be a cottage industry around musing over who is pushing who for power within the DUP, something which is markedly absent from comment on Sinn Fein. You can be sure that around once a month there will be some ‘political commentator’ out there who will be speculating on the religious vs secular wings of the DUP or some other theory or other. None of them sem to hold much water.

    However, the only thing which does seem to be fairly universally agreed is that the DUP run a tight ship, with a high degree of central co-ordination in their activities. They’ve seen how mixed messages and p*ss poor communication helped the downfall of the UUP and have decided to ensure that they dont follow suit. Therefore the speculation that the Upper Bann election campaign was somehow co-ordinated and controlled by a local group of people seems fanciful.

    No-doubt the local Constituency Association managed some of the logistics and campaigning on local issues but the central political message, the PPBs, the election literature etc etc seem to all be in keeping with the messages used in most other constituencies. David McConaghie certainly didnt make Peter Robinson focus so heavily on Trimble and his record in one of their TV broadcasts. Did these four-horsemen arrange the launch of the DUP’s central manifesto in Trimble’s back-yard? The answer is of course – NO.

    The fact also remains that Simpson ran Trimble incredibly close in 2001 given that he was practically a complete unknown. The swing in votes between then and 2005 given the DUP’s sensible position between then and the addition of people like Donaldson etc etc made Upper Bann a fairly likely target anyway given the switch in votes from UUP to DUP across Northern Ireland. Was this close-run in 2001 down to Dawson, Storey, McConaghie et al? I dont know where David McConaghie was at that time, but certainly the other two weren’t much on the scene.

    As everyone seems to agree, its a great theory and it most certainly is creative. It uses issues which are factual – their membership of these organisations is the case but much too much emphasis seems to have been put on issues which are not realistic and seem to have little knowledge of internal workings of the DUP which seem to be much more clearly outlined by someone like Fair Deal.

  • Billy Boyce

    I’ve been reading over the posts again today, and there’s some interesting comments from Peter Robinson supporters and from those who would resist a broad evangelical Protestant agenda. While there alway has been strong support for such an agenda within the DUP and grass-roots unionism in general, it is now being driven and promoted by a very able, determined, organised and articulate group of people. I can understand why those who have misgivings about that agenda might just be a wee bit worried.

  • fair_deal

    “Peter Robinson supporters”

    If I was among those you were referring to with that comment I am afraid you guessed wrong.

    Also PR is an Elim Pentecostalist, not a denomination known for its social liberalism.

  • confused

    Is Peter Robinson not a member of Whitewell Tabernacle??
    Sammy Wilson’s da was an Elim Pastor I think (ref Steve Bruce 1986)

    BTW one of the biggest Trimbleitte/ pro GFA ecumanist/ left wingers I know is the local Elim Pastor in my town. (just to confuse things further he is an active Orangeman and was originally ‘saved’ by none other than the Rev IK Paisley)

    There is nothing straight forward or easily compartmentalised in Ulster Protestantism!

  • fair_deal

    I know PR attends Whitewell but a couple of friends in East tell he has continued to go to the Elim as well. IIRC Whitewell is pentecostalist too. Also if he has now switched wholly to Whitewell it does not take away from the central point, his membership of a church of socially conservative views.

    Ecumenical views doesn’t mean you cease to be a social conservative. Also protestant evangelical denominations tend to have high degrees of congregational autonomy.

  • whoisloyalist?

    What about Christopher Stalford for a future DUP leader.
    Eh loyalist, eh?????

  • unionist

    Interesting that the visit to Archbishop Brady included both George Dawson and Mervyn Storey. First one on to talkback to support their attendance was Gregory. Matty’s theory should also include the actions of the Co Antrim Grand Master of the OO who was a long standing UUP Councillor. Immediately post election in May 05 he jumped to DUP and unsurprisingly retained his position as County Grand Master. The DUP’s nominees to the devolved government committee (McCrea, Morrow, Jnr) show clearly that Robbo’s crown is slipping. Word has it that Dodds has a black mark against him as well over parades and who he has been talking to. Robbo and Dodd’s are also being kept quiet to avoid journo’s asking about what they suggested to the Chairman of the loyalist commission when they met before he was sidelined over parades and who he was taking to.
    McConachie was very heavily supported by McCausland during his time on the Civic Forum and anyone from a unionist background was directed to him for advice on what line to take when addressing the forum.

  • nancyboy

    I see that the Newsletterhttp://www.belfasttoday.net/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=3901&ArticleID=1546647 has published a letter to the editor from George Dawson about the whole creationist arguement: and who does he name as his associates in his campaign? Simpson and Storey!

    Maybe Matty is neaer to the truth than some of us gave him credit for.

  • cathrine

    David McAllister still in situ with the DUP despite being found guilty of disabilty benefit fraud of over £17,000. Gardner Kane fondled Orla Black and got put out quick smart with no prior convictions and he never even gave advice on disabilty benefits.
    Not a squeak from the Party regarding McAllister. More than likely due to Ian Paisley Junior and his busom buddy Seedy Sweeney. McAllister is the link pin into council for the site meetings and planning, so vital to keep in in the frame until a few morew million has been banked all round. If there was ever some serious investigation by Government into local councillors, developers and planning on the north coast, Junior would be slam dunked by his Father.