A diplomatic incident?

Well, maybe not quite that serious. There’s not a lot of detail available on this story [probably stemming from the lack of information in the original statement from SF – Ed], just the simple fact that the Sinn Féin Mayor of Monaghan, Cllr Pat Treanor, was refused entry to Canada on his way to Prince Edward Island on what appears to have been a official Council visit,

  • Could be the recent change to a Tory Govt. – apparently Canada Border Services have been more robust with illegals since so maybe that’s true of border screening too.

  • Prince Eoghan

    He has already been to Canada twice this year With no problems, maybe big ian has been on the phone to Canada.

  • Nevin
  • Nevin

    If true, this would seem to be rubbing it in:

    SF man angry at Canada’s refusal to allow …

    “A TD has accused the Canadian government of double standards after the Mayor of Co Monaghan was refused entry to Canada this week while on official council business.

    Immigration officers at St John’s, Newfoundland, refused Sinn Féin mayor Pat Treanor entry to Canada and instead put him on a plane for London.

  • update

    Seems to be over.

    ‘A MAYOR refused entry to Canada said he was told it wouldn’t happen again.

    Sinn Fein Monaghan county mayor Pat Treanor said yesterday the issue had been sorted with the Canadian ambassador.

    “I will have no further difficulties,” the Sinn Fein mayor said.