Weekend blues

I feel like a pioneer, and that wouldnt be one of the catholic ones that avoid alcohol. It feels very different writing on this site, and I will just take a deep breath and try it.

Well, its a Bank Holiday weekend here in Norn Iron, and the Police are starting a clamp down on dangerous drivers. Pity they hadnt been on the A1 last night when I was driving home from Belfast after my exam. (thank you for asking, it was fine)

I was really shocked by some of the antics of drivers on the road. At one point, I had 2 boy racers driving past me and overtaking each other like it was Kirkiston. I know I am starting to advance in years and find the yoofs a bit hard to take, but these guys were nothing more than an accident waiting to happen.

As I got closer to Banbridge, I came upon another old geezer who was either having a slow heart attack or was very very drunk. Weaving in and out of lanes, head drooping onto the steering wheel, a proper hazard he was.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve hung up my keys and leaving Bessie in the driveway for the rest of the weekend.

Speaking of which, the Blues on the Bays Festival is on in Warrenpoint this weekend and is always a sure thing. Van Morrison is scheduled to play at the weekend, and if the weather holds up he should surely sing “Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time”

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19 thoughts on “Weekend blues

  1. I couldnt post under Miss Fitz for some reason, hence the really creative temporary name for the temporary site

  2. I love my Friday afternoon Slugger, so the slience is killing me…the emptyness is causing me to flashback to angsty philosophy classes with Sartrean phrases about Nothingness at the center of my being.

  3. It is so sad, isnt it! All these grown up people like heroin addicts, nervously checking the websites and seeing if its back up, and the archive message like a shot of cold turkey.

    Mick could hold the thing to ransom and possibly make a fortune as we all paid 20 quid to get it back on line

  4. Yeah, I dropped my bit in the collection tin praying that it would help.
    I think the whole thing is really my fault. My mom has always told me if you don’t go to church on the Holy Days you will be punished… And then, of course, I missed mass on the feast of the Ascension so I could have beers and WHAM, Sluggers gone.
    I’m SO sorry!!! ; )

  5. When we get back to the Promised Land, TL, I’ve left a post: ‘I didnt do it’

    It was my first day blogging on Slugger and as my son would say, I was like a dog with 2 dicks. (hope thats not rude)

    So, i blogged till my eyes drooped, and I fell asleep with the laptop clasped firmly to my bosom.

    I awoke at 7 to see what the elves had left in my stocking, and the frigging thing was gone. I’m not being funny here, but I went into a state of genuine panic, totally convinced I had been foothering about too much on the contributors site. It was a moment of absolute sheer terror. I was just about to phone Mick and fess up, when he put out the word that it was a different kind of mistake. (ie. his)

    So, we have some kind of collective consciousness on this, and off we all go to find the Jungian reference.

    Let’s form a virtual circle, hold hands and hum very low and intense and wait for the light to go back on

  6. LOL missfitz, glad you are now on the slugger team. Can’t say I ever heard the expression a dog with two dicks, but I’ll be sure and use it.


  7. “Dog w/ two dicks”
    I will be hunting for a reason to use that expression!!! Priceless!
    Ok, holding hands and praying it all comes back.
    Poor Mick, I feel badly that he has to put in the extra work.

  8. Don’t feel too bad about Mick, tl..

    After all, he was the one that self-inflicted the problem that the rest of us are working around 😉

  9. Has anyone else noticed that this is the weirdest site in the world. Obviously I had to take to the drink as my new found raison d’etre disappeared like snow off a ditch.

    But, everytime you log on here, on the right hand side, for about 2 seconds you see…. ‘recent comments’ … and for a moment you feel you have reached your anchor in the storm.

    Then cruelly, like a fair deal post, it shows itself to be ephemerous..,, it disappears, and we are left again in the desert of this blogspot wilderness.

    Yes, dog with 2 dicks is good isnt it. Well, the child has a bebo account, and he was showing it to me the other day. He had a picture of himself with the makeup and eyeshadow on, and I said to him, says I, child why does a 17 year old boy have a picture of himself with his parents. (It was himself in Romeo and Juliet at the Waterfront)

    He looked at me and said, if every kid I knew could have a picture of 2 divorced parents looking that proud, they’s all be on Bebo. And thats when the well endowed canine came into the picture


  10. It’s always the childer that suffer missfitz.

    ‘Then cruelty like a fair deal post’


    Have you been supping the devils brew?

  11. I’ve been tinkering with the site all day (and night) to try to get it up to reasonable standards. The recent comments thing is not a patch on the most commented on script, but blogger seems very limited compared to expression engine or MT in terms of freely available hacks.

  12. Sheesh, Mick..

    “tinkering with the site all day (and night)”

    Remind me, Mick.. what was the cause of the most recent problem with the site? 😉

  13. West Belfast Blog…
    I smoke 10 cigarettes and partake of a similarly modest amount of alcohol of a Friday evening, so your assessment was accurate: there was a drop of drink involved.

    I have cracked the secret of the disappearing right handed column….. you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can view the comments and who left them.

    I have no idea why I couldnt figure that out last night!

  14. “..so I could have beers and WHAM”, TL. Does this mean you had a drunken threesome with George Michael and Andrew Midgeley? No wonder you feel a bit guilty.

  15. Wow Rory I can’t believe you were the only one to pick up on my not so subtle confession to engaging in lewd drunked behavior with bi-sexual men with neon short-shorts.

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