Adams: Orange has a right to march…

Interesting development ahead of the marching season. The Orange claims to have received a letter for Gerry Adams saying it has his support. Thanks to Niall for the heads up!

  • heck

    come on some of you SF bloggers. Tell me this crap is nonsense.

    I hope he means that they have a right to march WHERE THEY ARE WELCOME!!!

  • TL

    Its funny how that one kind of sucked the air out of the room.

  • missfitz

    Sometimes its like living in another dimension. Last week Gerry Adams proposed Ian Paisley for First Minister, and you just had to watch that to be sure you weren’t hearing things.

    Now this…..

    I think I’ll go on holidays next week, as I dread to think what might be next! Catriona Ruane accepts an OBE? Peter Robinson steps in to deliver the Keynote address at Feile?

  • kensei

    I think it is really impossible to comment without seeing the conetnts of the letter. The devil would tend to be in the detail.

  • HappyTalkyTalk

    Ridiculous that he has to write to these people to tell them something they want to hear.

    If they grew up and started talking to those affected by their culture they might hear even more things they want to hear?

  • spelling

    Oi Fealty, you should know how to spell the name of your future Uachtarán by now.

  • ingram

    Adams is a Borg.

    He as been assimilated.LOL


  • TL

    Go on Martin, photoshop up a picture of that for us…that would be a laugh.

  • joeCanuck


    Who knows what is in the letter.
    But I imagine it would be along the lines of what you suggest.
    I think that only a minority of Republicans/Nationalists have an absolute denial of the right of the Orders to march. But just that they should not march where they are not wanted and where it is seen as a provocation.

  • joeCanuck


    Does LOL mean laughing out loud or Loyal Orange Order?

  • joeCanuck

    Loyal Orange Lodge

  • joeCanuck


    sorry to be pedantic, but weren’t the Borgs the ones who did the assimilating?

  • For heaven’s sake, SF have been saying for years that they have a right to march. It’s only a few particular routes they insist upon which we oppose.

  • Our position has been very clear, of course Orangmen have a right to march but it is a qualified right.

    The residents have a right to live their lives without being subjected to triumphalism and intimidation.

    We have been calling for both sides to engage in dialogue for years. That is the only way to sort out this issue for good.

  • trev

    “The residents have a right to live their lives without being subjected to triumphalism and intimidation.”

    And also have the right to object to loyalist paramilitary bands who celebrate uvf & uda killers in orange/apprentice/black parades.

  • Resolve

    It may well have been policy for years, but it needs to be reiterated. It shows clearly who the absolutists are on the parades issue. The Court in Strasbourg has been very clear about the ‘qualified’ nature of any right to march. The specific marches objected to by Gerry & Co. are exactly the types of occasions that the ECtHR feel warrant such a qualification… i.e. a re-route.

  • Harry

    I see tne Orange Order have recieved it in their usual spirit; i.e. to disregard it until they see that consitions they specify are met with and to demand this, that and the other. How long do you they really think such a large portion of the population is going to tolerate this insistent and aggressive supremacism as we go into a new century?

  • Harry


  • last sane man in the asylum

    “Adams is a Borg.

    He has been assimilated.”


    sorry to be pedantic, but weren’t the Borgs the ones who did the assimilating?”

    Yes, and when they assimilated people they then became Borg! I mean, did you even WATCH Star Trek? 🙂