A load of old spherical objects

One mans meat is another mans poison. This certainly seems to be the case when it comes to exterior household decor. On another thread, where the 50 worst things about Ireland were being discussed, Stone Eagles appeared to be a frequent object of derision and scorn. I actually thought that there were dozens of the poor critters between Rostrevor and Belfast, and was quite surprised to find only 2. On the other hand, most stone caps appear to be balls (or to be more feminine, spherical objects)
As a neophyte, I am not sure how we go about this, but I wanted to see if anyone wanted to submit either their favourite balls, eagles or other stone capping object. I’ve included an eagle eyed friend here, and there are more on the Flickr page linkunder Parades and Icons.

Please send yours to me, and I will consider awarding a suitable prize for the best submission. Rory, I expect to see a photo of your plastic budgies from your squat in London.