Big Brother bans Welsh…

It looks like the Big Brother team has walked into some complicated cultural territory when they decided to put two Welsh speakers in the house. One of them was asked not speak it during his stay there as it could be construed as speaking in code. Thanks Pid!!

  • Crataegus

    The Welsh are touchy about this sort of thing, bet they get inundated with complaints. I have clear memories of when I was a teenager walking into a Welsh Chemist to get contraceptives and two old dears who only spoke Welsh or so they claimed. Had everyone else in the shop in stitches. How do you get your message across if you can’t communicate yes mime or draw! Assume nothing if in mid Wales!

  • Every tabloid newspaper in the western world becomes fixated with the latest set of housemates to be plucked from obscurity and descend upon the Big Brother house. Seven series started off as a niche reality show now seven horrible years later we have Big Brother’s Little Brother and Big Brother’s Big Mouth and this year latest addition Big Brother’s Big Brain: a brand new live psychology show.

    My first question while slightly naive is nonetheless relevant, how oh how can you possibly fill 3 shows talking about a show which films a house full of nobodies in real time!! But I appreciate that for some people the summer just wouldn’t be the summer without Big Brother and its house full of societies rejects/freaks and plain old weirdoes.

    The Gods smiled down on me as I was travelling the first summer it was aired and as such never became one of the millions of captive audience. Captive is an apt word given the idea behind the show, and in theory I too find the concept interesting, however after 7 uneventful years (yes people shagging under a duvet is uneventful!!) surely today’s producers need to take some drastic measure to transform this insanity from the mundane drivel it has become. And NO…the bloody tasks they are made complete are not in any way shape or form interesting.

    So in an attempt to provide Channel 4’s producers with some insight full suggestions An Smuigin has prepared some thoughts below and would also welcome some contributions…

    Eviction -Quite simple approach, 2 nominees, one backgarden, one knife…fight to the death or at least until submission. Then we would see who really wants it most!

    Tasks –
    I really like the idea of challenging them with having to escape!!…Armed Guards with stun guns on duty..Anyone who successfully escapes gets a cash prize.

    Diary Room –
    Lie detectors mandatory, chair electrified. Then we will see who really likes who..false bastards!!

    Sleeping Arrangements – What sleep..don’t let them!!….no beds…lights always on…then watch the freaks come out to play…

  • boshank

    ban the welsh full stop lol…hain, tom jones, that annoying bird from catatonia, ryan giggs, the list of annoying welsh things is endless…

  • ncm

    Jesus wept. I think everyone who watches the programme bears a collective responsibility for encouraging them. If you all just stopped watching then next year we probably wouldn’t have BB, which would be a good thing. (IMHO)

  • boshank

    ok, i know hain isn’t welsh…but he might as well be lol

  • foreign correspondent

    Dw´in licio Cymru a dw´in licio iaith Cymru. Pam lai siarad cymraeg ar y teledu?

  • boshank

    as if there wasn’t enough reasons already…check this out…guns and roses soundtrack, modified cars, fat blokes eating kebabs…yes it’s a welsh convoy!!!

  • Crataegus

    If you all just stopped watching then next year we probably wouldn’t have BB, which would be a good thing.

    I agree a load of rubbish. Arrive home late night turn on TV and whats on? A room with people sleeping. The test card is as interesting.

  • boshank


    agreed, utter rubbish. I have to confess i enjoyed the last bb but this one is truly horrendous, i was wtaching on sunday briefly when a mate was round and i had to turn off – thewre was a tiurettes sufferer going crazy and some girl having a break down because there was no bottled water…it actually made me feel queezy and i turned over.

  • páid

    Well, big picture, the success of BB demonstrates the victory of the emotional intelligentsia over the straight-talkers and straight-thinkers. We look at the housemates but are we the inmates?

    Small picture, note how the Welsh Tories now refuse to allow Welsh Nationalists to score open goals on the language rights issue.

    Of course the UUs are reaching out to Catholics as well. Yes, you can have Irish language and culture and still be politically part of the British family of nations.

    Or can you?

  • Crataegus

    There is also all those daft programmes like house of little rotters, rich sod downsizing, fat bast ard slimming, DIY hell holes, gardening for morons, and tacky houses in the sun. You know the sort of thing, here is John and Anna with 3 kids all spoilt. John is a solid guy who works day and night to keep white witch Anna in broomsticks. None of then speak Portuguese but John has had enough and fancies a house in the Amazon. After you have watch it you think reality check, what on earth did I waste an hour looking at?

  • Frustrated Democrat

    B B House = Stormont

    Maybe we should lock them all in and vote one out per week until they reach agreement.

  • DK

    FD – so who would you vote first out of the Stormont House? The choice is just too tempting!

    And who would be last one left. My guess is probably fecking David Ervine.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    First Out – the first person to indulge in ‘what aboutery’

    Last in – the first person not to mention anything prior to 1997

  • Sean O’Pinion

    the phenomenum that this appalling programme has become, is symbolised by the fact that love it (retarded) or hate it (closet contestant), it even has people who don’t watch it talking about it. I for one, have never seen one moment of any reality tv show, considering that perhaps the point of the tv, is to be entertained by some means, a good drama, comedy, or perhaps even some ‘factual’ news, not watching people 1. fail their driving test, 2. be chased by the constabulary, 3. have their house decorated by fops, 4. crawl through mud or slime or 5. sit there talking amongst themselves or going for a swim in a pool. Have we sunk so low and is television so under funded that the above list is it? If we were being observed by extra terrestrials and they witnessed millions of people glued to their screen watching other people sleep, have breakfast or sit in the garden & bicker, they would hardly rush to introduce themselves to us morons. We may have evolved, but mentally, that’s as far as we go, boyo (a Welsh reference, to stay on topic).

  • junction one

    boshank your a bloody clown that bird from catatona is great stick you to your crappy dance music : )

  • DK

    I saw BB yesterday and Glynn and Imogen were speaking Welsh to one another for a good long time. So maybe they’ve had a change of heart.

    On another note – isn’t Russell Brand brilliant.