The Home Office strikes again.

The Department that couldn’t cope with asylum and can’t manage immigration has now admitted the Criminal Records Bureau incorrectly labelled 1500 people as criminals losing some job and university opportunities. Is it worth reminding people that this is the Department that is responsible for the development, introduction and management of the National ID Card Scheme?

  • missfitz

    If 1500 innocent people have wrongly labelled as criminals, is it plausible that 1500 criminals have been labelled as innocent?

    Just a thought

  • Crataegus

    The National ID Card Scheme is a complete waste of money, and one thing that we can be sure of is the CRB will make a pigs ear of it. On my travels I came across a place that produces identity documents on demand for wherever you want. Can’t see the identity card being any different.

    The prime reason is allegedly to counter terrorism but if the terrorists and suicide bombers are born in Leeds the only thing the ID card will do is help us identify the body.

    Sooner spend the money on the Water Service.

  • Rory

    I have always found the bathroom shaving mirror a pretty infallible tool for self-identification, though occasionally when I hear the wife complaining, sotto voce, about some “Untidy, forgetful bugger”, I might ask “Is it me?”. She is then very quick to confirm my identity, “You know damned well it’s you”. So no need for ID cards in this efficient and happy home.

    As to the water supply,Crataegus, don’t worry, they will surely soon have to pump plenty of public funds into that as the increased profits gleaned from the huge supply price increases since privatisation have all been paid out in dividends rather than being reinvested to repair and improve the infrastructure as was the declared intent of privatisation, so the government will have to step in to prevent total collapse of the supply. Private efficiency,my arse! Private piracy more like.

  • kensei

    I point blank refuse to have an identity card. If they manage to bring it in here, I will be moving South faster than you can say “Big Brother”. Galway seems nice.

    I’m surprised SF haven’t made a big deal of the British Government keeping tabs on everyone.

  • Rory

    An Italian or Greek living in the UK would not be obliged to hold (entitled to have?) a UK identity card so I cannot see that there would be any onus on a citizen of the Republic of Ireland either. I imagine quite a sizeable proportion of NI passport holders have green covers on theirs. Of course the government when they introduce the card will simply make life almost impossible to navigate comfortably without one that sanctions will hardly be required against refuseniks who will needs capitulate just to go about their day-to-day business.

  • Crataegus


    I think the ID card will have more to do with tax avoidance and benefit fraud than terrorism. The state knows more than enough about me as it is and it abuses the information it already has like selling off the register of voters. It is a disgrace that you have to dick a box to be excluded. Then we have the frequent mistakes etc etc. Time to ask what does the state need to know?

    With regards the Water Service monopoly supplies and services should never be privatised.

  • Sean

    The ID card is to also help find people who dont leave libary books back so they do have some use.

  • Rapunsel

    One of the interesting things about the misidentification of these people was that Charles Falconer refused to apologise on the grounds that the error rate was very small. Cold comfort I would have thought to anyone refused a position of employment or as a volunteer on misinformation.