Website carries death threat…

Some people still persist with the idea that virtual space is a place where the law cannot go. Well here’s a case that may test that theory to destruction. David Trimble is taking seriously the appearance of death threats against his life and seems determined to pursue the website that carried them.

  • Tony Clifton

    Good for him, I am by no means a fan of the guy, but these people shouldnt be allowed to operate so blatantly. There was a similar site a few years back, think it was ‘ulisnet’ or something, it was far too slick to be LVF acting alone, it lasted longer than it should have……shut them down.

  • fair_deal

    It was claimed the threat was on the Discussion Board of the 32CSM website. The discussion board was online earlier today and the discussion board admin team was denying any knowledge of any such threat. The discussion board link has now been removed from the site.


    The ulisnet site was run by a Loyalist sympathiser in America and homed by a web provider there too.

  • David Michael

    I’d understood Trimble to be something of a yesterday’s man. What has he done lately to upset these nightcrawlers?

  • Tony Clifton

    fair deal

    I have my own views on ulisnet that has a solution closer to home, but either way, they definately had help. This 32 county site isnt as sleek but needs shut down anyway…..the discussion board is offline at the minute so the publicity clearly had an effect.

  • Sean

    The discussion board is actually live and there are posts regarding the news on Trimble, looks crap if you ask me.

  • USA

    FD and TC,

    What are the conspiracy theories on the Ulisnet site ? Specifically, was it an American invention or who was the help “closer to home” ? Who was this “help” ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    “USA” : there are pockets of loyalist sympathizers in the USA. The ones I’ve heard about are in South Carolina.

    ULISnet carried things like photographs and news updates, so it can’t possibly have been run remotely. People from here were involved. I seem to recall one site in particular – I’m not sure if it was ULISnet or not – which was unplugged by a hosting service based in the UK. That site subsequently moved to the USA.

    Tony Clifton, on another discussion you said that you didn’t really mind a representative of the UVF being elected as Lord Mayor whenever that organization was actively killing lots of people. If you don’t mind I think I’ll reserve judgement on your perspective on life.