Twelve days of change in Ireland?

Piaras Kelly with a bunch of things that are subtly changing the way things are done in Ireland.

  • Jim Roche

    That was an article that failed to live up to its billing. Whatever we thing of blogging it’s still one thing not 10.

  • Mick Fealty

    My fault I fear. I have subtly shifted the title to avoid further disappointment.

  • Rory

    The important thing is he did give mention of the peerless Mick Fealty.

    (Will this do, Mick?)

  • Wang Kerr

    I think a lot of these little developments, like the spread of cameraphones, blogging, bebo, are irrelevant…people always like to think that because society looks a lot different to the way it did 20 years ago on the surface, that people’s attitudes really are shifting, but sadly they’re not. NI is a case in point. The generation of kids who are adopting the same outlook on life as their parents, and are unashamed to declare so on their stupid bebo sites in the wake of Michael McIlveen’s death, are testament to that.

  • rafa benitez

    interesting to hear that the free papers are putting a dent in tabloid sales (I never really thought amout it to be honest). Being hassled at every corner all the way down O’Connell St in the morning is a small price to pay to see the death of tabloids in this country.