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Goes to… Jeffrey Donaldson, who castigated Sinn Fein for not taking their seats in the Assembly session this afternoon. He suggested, “they should know by now that abstentionist politics doesn’t work”.

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  • jim

    The same logic applies to the UUP engagement with PUP. If anything the last few days and weeks has taught us is that we can not explain or defend any of our actions.

    On a person level I often find myself mid argument with my wife coming to the conclusion that I’m actually wrong. Dosn’t stop me in continuing to argue though.

  • Jim Roche

    “they should know by now that abstentionist politics doesn’t work”.

    Do I detect a subtle dig at Paisley’s failure to attend the negotiations which led to the agreement?

  • m

    “they should know by now that abstentionist politics doesn’t work”

    Good point. I suggest Jeffrey explains his logic directly to fellow MLAs from Sinn Féin.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    “Those not present are always wrong.”

    ~ Descartes

  • Comrade Stalin

    they should know by now that abstentionist politics doesn’t work

    I’m so exasperated with hypocrisy and brazen double standards from unionists that I’m about to give birth to a baby giraffe.

    The DUP are more abstentionist than Sinn Fein are. They’ve spent their lives abstaining, most recently having abstained from the original GFA talks, and if there is a d’Hondt procedure to set up an executive they’ll abstain from that too.

    It’s a pity they wouldn’t abstain from hanging around with active terrorists.

  • Maybe if they all abstained from abstaining we’d get somewhere.

  • Carson’s Cat

    I thought Jeffrey’s best comment was when replying to Trimble’s comments regarding manufacturing he mentioned Basil McCrea.

    Referring to Mr McCrea he mentioned that as an Officer in the UUP he might take umbridge at Dave’s comments…. however he did comment that “being an officer in the UUP had a different emphasis these days given their new found allies”

  • Resolve

    My recommendation for quote of the week is that of El Matador (see post no.6, above)… simple, yet profound. And it has a funny ring to it too. Everything you need in a good quote. Bravo 🙂

  • Nevin

    So what did the Sinner parapoliticians do instead? Did some participate in the Sinner Army Council, the ‘legitimate’ government of the island of Ireland?

  • Wang Kerr

    Excuse my genuine ignorance, but what exactly are they doing in Stormont at the moment? Is this the famous ‘shadow’ assembly people were banging on about for the last few months? If it is I still think Sinn Fein should attend, even though I’m a southern Taig/Fenian/Croppy Baawsturd. What have they got to lose, for feck’s sake? They’ve already been told November is the deadline for the restoration of the assembly proper. And at least if they can debate matters in a shadow assembly and agree to take certain decisions on them if and WHEN the assembly is finally restored, sure at least then they can move straight to takign a vote on the issues that have already been discussed, rather than tracking all the way backt o the start and debating them from scratch. Didn’t I read somewhere also recently that Hain said he would promise to take into account the outcome of such discussions in a ‘shadow’ assembly? Surely that is power of a sort, for a while at least..no?

    Or am I just talking a load of complete arse???

  • DK


    Yep – but if there is a chance to grab the headlines and appear “radical” then go for it. On the other hand, most of our politicians are a bunch of sad sectarian losers who can debate 1920s border polls ad nauseaum, but have trouble with anything in 2006. By boycotting, at least Sinn Fein MLAs will not appear as such irrelevent tools as the rest of them, although purely by not being there.