Orange Commissioner walks plank

Orangeman Don McKay has announced his resignation from the Parades Commission. The Portadown Orangeman’s appointment- alongside that of another Orangeman David Burrows– has been the subject of much controversy in recent times, not least because both Orange figures apparently submitted references who have since publicly stated they were not consulted; and if they had been, would have declined to let their names go forward.
With a Court case on-going into the validity of their appointments, this news will undoubtedly embarass Peter Hain, and will bring further pressure on the British Secretary of State to act to redress the clear imbalance on the Commission.
Update: A tetchy Peter Hain has released a statement about Don McKay’s resignation, in which he chastises nationalists for objecting to “an Orange presence” on the Commission. Perhaps Peter would not have faced these problems had he ensured there was a corresponding ‘nationalist residents presence’ on the troubled Commission?