Getting a simple message across…

Electoral Commission

The slogan from reads “There’s not much you do do”. Strangely appropriate for a day when all our MLAs were expected to do was add pen to paper. One Unionist MLA described at as a fan dance. A ‘waffle shop’ said one senior Republican. Sinn Fein will be there for tomorrow’s ‘in camera’ business meeting in the morning, but will not be participating in any other ‘debates’. More pictures here.

  • mischief

    I think the front of the T-shirt says “If you don’t do politics”…and the back …”there is not much you do do..”As someone mentioned to me, the T-shit slogan should read “If you don’t do politics…you must be an MLA.”

  • ST

    I much prefer their waterproof coats that say ‘I’m a political anorak’ – very appropriate for some here!