Eames to retire at Christmas…

William Crawley, BBC NI’s new blogger on the block, notes that one of the longest presences in Northern Ireland’s civic and religious life, Robin Eames is to step down at the end of the year. Bright, erudite and widely respected both in Ireland and throughout the world wide Anglican communion he will be a hard act to follow. He was the proverbial ‘safe pair of hands’ behind the Church’s Windsor Report.I recall him once recounting his regret that too many Anglicans in Ireland were not keen on asserting their churches own reformed ‘Catholicism’, prefering instead the coverall term of Protestant.

  • Sorry to spoil the love-in over Lord Eames, but as someone from a Church of Ireland background originally, I see him as a grotesque hypocrite. He was to the fore in choosing to release Barabbas back in 1998 and his desire to placate killers and thugs sits oddly with his professed Christian values. The establishment will miss him, of course. Check out the empty COI pews for a better judgement on his “leadership”.

  • Vivaldian

    Speaking as an Anglican who very much identifies with Anglicanism’s Catholic wing, I’ll miss him. Irish Anglicanism does seem to have moved a little ‘higher’ during his period in office – I hope it continues under his successor.