Peel back the sheets

A brief side-track. Author Chuck Palahniuk was in Galway last weekend for the Cúirt International Festival of Literature and in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine he has a short, thoughtful and funny piece on his weekend experience – being heckled, “nothing but an American cultural imperialist!”, on being a terrible pornographer, and “sharing a bed with Martin Amis and Amy Tan, Anne Rice and Irvine Welsh, Douglas Coupland, Joyce Carol Oates, Zadie Smith, David Sedaris and Michel Houellebecq.”

  • bag’shite

    so this highbrow intellectual writer goes to galway for a book club thingy, and ends up examining the sheets and mattress in some shit hole hotel? thats all i could gather from the piece. i’ve been in hotels in donegal like that (no names) and the beds practically walked out of the room on their own.

  • Rory

    I’m not really surprised. I think any self respecting bag would run out faced with an attitude (never mind a name) like “bag’site’s”.

  • Ghost of PDN Past

    Er…., um…., I think you might have missed his point, bag’shite.

  • I liked that Guardian piece a lot. I wonder what the tally on fainters is when he reads ‘Guts’ these days? Last I heard, it was in the region of 70.
    Didn’t make it to Cuirt but Rattlebag recorded an interview with him and will be broadcasting it soon.

  • Pete Baker

    I liked it a lot too, Sinéad 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Rattlebag interview.. I’ll keep an ear open for it.