The Best of Best

George Best, at his Best!


  • Intelligence Insider

    Great clip Mike,

    George doing what we should all remember him for, displaying sheer genius with a football and inspiring millions.

  • Paul

    Brilliant Mike, he was an incredible footballer.

  • Doot

    “I spent lots of money on alcohol, women and fast cars. The rest I just blew.”

    The man had wit, too.

  • The Devil

    I liked the hospital video of his ex-wife with her face smashed in…. the man had wit too… well he didn’t show it in personel discussions with his wives

  • Great clip. Although in the team shot just before the end, is that a young George Bush on his right hand side??

  • Fantastic compilation.

    And Urquhart looks like Bush to me. LOL

  • Intelligence Insider

    My favourite George Best quote was always ” In 1969 I gace up the women and the booze – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life”four67

  • stephen

    over rated.

    he was good, but not the best ever…..


    Great footage on Ireland’s second greatest ever player. Interesting piece here on Bestie airport.