Gerry Anderson for desert island?

Only three people have hosted Desert Island discs on BBC Radio 4 and one of those, the immediate successor to the creator of the programme Roy Plumbley, Michael Parkinson, was asked to leave after some noises off that his conversational style did not fit the programme. Now Sue Lawley is stepping down, Gerry Anderson is being tipped to take over. If you do get then just behave yourself Gerry!! It’s Radio Four, remember?

  • Pete Baker

    To put it another way, Mick –

    “Bookmaker sees chance to coin it in.. hypes up possibility of local schlebs getting the nod.”

    It ain’t going to be Gerry.

    If it was even remotely possible, there’d have been mentions outside of the local radio/papers.

  • Busty Brenda

    Gerry Anderson uggggghhhhhh

    Maybe his uncle hugo loves him!

  • foreign correspondent

    Gerry Anderson for President of Ireland!

  • I like Gerry Anderson, but millions wouldn’t.

  • On gerrys show this morning he was talking to Lesley from the band Brazil
    and he , just about behaved himself, by not asking her “that question”. Good luck to Gerry, he looks a lot better on the radio than on tv 😉

  • foreign correspondent

    I´m intrigued. Which question is ´that question?´
    Seriously but,Gerry Anderson is cool. He´s the best broadcaster in Ireland, north or south, in part because he´s intelligent and in part because he doesn´t give a monkeys.
    As for getting the Desert Island Discs gig, i have no opinion either way. Maybe I´ll start listening to it when I get the free bus pass, (in the 2030´s) or when I move to the ´Home´ Counties (when hell needs central heating).

  • Harry Flashman

    My recollection of the whole Gerry Anderson/Radio 4 controversy is that Gerry had made some half hour programmes about life in Derry and Norn Iron in general for Radio 4 which were actually very good. I heard one or two of them, as I recall they were broadcast at 7.30pm so how sad does that make me? He spoke in an easy manner with wit and intelligence.

    It seems that on this basis he was given the “Anderson Country” gig in mid-afternoon and Gerry played up his normal performance. Totally unsuitable for his audience, it would be like giving Jim Davidson a prime slot on RTE, ok not an exact analogy but you get my drift.

    Anyway the letters pages of the Daily Telegraph put an end to that. For my money if Gerry dropped the abrasiveness and stuck to the amiable thoughtfulness he would do ok on Desert Island Discs.

  • qubol

    this is your 3000th post mick? well done

  • Rory

    Harry Flashman says it all really. He was really being pushed as a wunderkind by Radio 4 when “Anderson Country” was first floated but my fellow listeners in the Home Counties didn’t really “get” him ang Brig. Toby Bufton-Tufton (retd.) from Tunbridge Wells would not welcome Gerry on “Desert Island Discs”. Indeed the only Irish broadcaster that I think that might be suitable would need to be some sort of a hybrid between Wogan and Anthony Claire, the pop psychiatrist.

  • slug

    The Radio 3 audience (which includes myself and is much more highbrow than R4) has taken well to Sean Rafferty. Hear him from 5pm-7-30pm daily. Nice show.

  • Rubicon

    I’d me more interested in hearing Gerry as a guest on Desert Island Disks. The music he’d choose would be sure to scare the monkeys and Lord knows what his luxury would be!

    Can’t see Gerry having the reverance required for the hosting job – but as a guest … I’d tune in!

  • lurker

    I seem to remember an interview with Gerry Anderson in the Independent a few years back. At the same time as deluging the Telegraph with letters from Livid of Letchworth, a few of them were also posting funeral and headstone catalogues to Gerry. Subtler than most threats, probably as empty as the lives of those who bothered to do it, but unpleasant even so.

  • bag’oshite

    gerry anderson? sure they dont mean the creator of the thunderbirds maybe it is he, after all he is a puppet himself for the pro unionist media. i wish he would do me a favour and go and take a stroke in his beloved derry or as he calls it stroke city

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