But what are we going to talk about?

As I write, the whips up at Stormont are still trying to agree as to what it is they are going to talk about when Stormont returns the week after next. If they come to a conclusion, then you’ll hear about first on Hearts and Minds tonight.

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  • Court Jester neo, over at Free Ireland
    takes a satirical look at the approaching Assembly talks, suggesting a ‘deep freeze’ is the most likely scenario. He saves most of his punches for the DUP.

    hallmark references to flatulence will not disappoint avid fans.

  • Rubicon

    I’m not sure the whips deserve a whipping for this one. The legislation makes it clear that this new Forum/Assembly hasn’t the freedom to choose what it discusses. The SoS has this responsibility – it is stated clearly in law.

    Let’s not loose sight of who is responsible for what – our MLA’s are quite capable of bringing derision on themselves without misguided media carps.

    The SoS has yet to make clear what matters he’ll be referring to this “Assembly”. If the whips are confused – does anyone on Slugger have a clue? Once a matter is referred – how is this “Assembly” to deal with it? Will he refer resolutions that they vote on? Where does this “cross-community” requirement come in to play?

    This has a sniff of a lack of thought about it. Let’s start with the idiot in the NIO who decided on a garden party for the 15th May. What kind of public impression is that likely to create? Let me guess the 15th’s press coverage –

    “After over 3.5 years of doing nothing the MLA’s returned today to sign their names and then left to sip champagne in Hillsborough” …

    Hmmm – can’t think the SoS is making a great start in his attempt to make the MLA’s APPEAR to be worthwhile.

    It’s either complete incompetence or …