The amorality of my enemy’s enemy

The pro-Iraq war Left has bitten back with the launch of the Euston Manifesto. A statement of 15 principles that outlines a commitment to human rights, freedom, equality, democractic pluralism and support for Palestine as well as a rejection of anti-Americanism and racism. It is a fundamental rejection of the anti-war’s left willingness to embrace anyone in their coalition of interest regardless of their actions.A key supporter of the Manifesto is Christopher Hitchens, one of the best polemicists of our generation and most prominent pro-war leftist. His debate with George Galloway in New York, the grapple in the big apple, one of the rare examples of a no-holds barred political debate on a key issue (video / transcript). (A debate that changed my personal views from mild opposition to support for the Iraq war.)

The neo-conservatives partially succeeded in making the right face up to the reality its past policies of propping up corrupt and dictatorial regimes had monumentally backfired. What success will their counterparts on the left have?