Myers in the transfer market?

Contraversial columnist Kevin Myers has been noteable by his absence from the extreme right hand slot on the editorial pages of the Irish Times. According to the Sunday Business Post he is negotiating a move with the Irish Independent.

  • It’s a done deal cf this week’s SPB

  • €200,000 I believe. I’m actually surprised the Times wouldn’t give him that much.

  • missfitz

    Not the money I imagine Copernicus, I suspect relationships were badly damaged there with 2 very different perspectives. Some people said it would never work, and they seem to be right

  • Keith M

    I have to say that I think the IT has gone very badly downhill since Kennedy took over and if this is confirmed it’s another step backwards.

  • Must start buying the Irish Times.

  • missfitz

    I thought I saw recently that circulation figures were booming and that the IT has never been doing so well as now?
    That may not be true, but I was under the impression she was doing a good job in steering the paper in an efficient and profitable manner?

  • Shore Road Resident


    Thursday, 9 March 2006
    By Des Cryan and Colin Crummy

    The ABC figures for the Republic of Ireland show the Irish Times with a circulation of 117,500 — the highest increase of any daily newspaper in the Republic in the six months to the end of December 2005.
    The Irish Independent recorded a circulation of 163,600, which combined sales of its broadsheet of 74,370 while its tabloid version had a circulation of 89,300 (to the nearest round figure).
    Daily Ireland, which began publishing in the second half of 2005, recorded circulation of 10,000 copies. In the evening market the Evening Herald in Dublin, with 85,000, showed a drop of 3.I per cent .
    Both Ireland on Sunday and the Sunday Tribune dropped more than 10 per cent year-on-year, selling 127,399 and 71,808 copies respectively. The Sunday Independent comfortably held its position as the biggest Sunday title in Ireland with 286,613 copies sold, down 1.6 per cent year-on-year.
    Sunday Tribune editor Noirin Hegarty, who ditched CD cover mounts and TV advertising from the paper when she took charge a year ago, said the figures were “a steadying of the ship” after a major reorganisation. The circulation figures fell by more than 8,000 in the first six months, but stabilised in the latter half of the year.
    “We have gone back to basics — back to getting great stories and pictures,” Hegarty said.
    “We’re trying to foster a generation of news gatherers, which hasn’t been a hallmark of the Tribune in recent times.
    “The next six months will be crucial. We need to show an increase in circulation. Being stable is not enough,” she added.

  • missfitz

    Thanks SRR, I think that supports my argument

  • Stephen Copeland

    There are three papers that will never <i>ever</i> receive the Copeland euro/pound – the Belfast Telegraph, the Newsletter, and the Irish Independent. I refuse to subsidise their mixture of lies, political prejudice and bigotry. The Irish Times has always been my paper of choice, but in recent years as the Myers Monster spread his tentacles I have been sorely tempted to add it to my personal blacklist, but have not yet done so. My consolation is that I usually read it via someone elses subscription (and read the BT, NL and II only on-line, and have

  • mark


    ‘journalistic style’?

    Mr Myers is only a columnist/polemicist. Don’t confuse opinion with news. (unless you are about to become salaried at the Sindo)

  • Keith M

    The seems to be a confusion on this thread between quality and circulation. I would have said that the IT was a better quality paper than the II, but now I think that it’s a toss up. Circulation isn’t everything.

  • páid

    Well, I have been reading KM for a long time, and IMHO there is no better master of the English language living today in Ireland. I unfailingly read him; he is witty, sublime, and not at all lazy. He masters his brief and is a most welcome relief to the 3rd rate lefty stuff that passes for opinion in the South.
    But he has a fatal flaw. He doesn’t understand the Irish soul, though he is an expert on the Irish heart. He is the gifted and talented son of a Leicester GP who is desparate to be Irish. To the extent that he has constructed a country – in his mind, Ireland – with KM at it’s centre. Friendly to England, part of the British family of nations, rugby-playing, but, you know, with a twinkle in it’s eye. Patrick in the Toby jug set.

    He tried and failed to learn Irish. He hates and fears Gaeldom with it’s contempt for Anglo concepts of fair play and straight talk. The doublespeak, the pike in the thatch, the roguery, the classlessness and the sheer earthy reality of it’s view on the world trouble KM. He doesn’t understand it, failed to learn it and the way it shapes Irish identity. So he can rattle off the history of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, mourn the dead of the Somme, and cheer Paul O’Connell with the best of them. But he doesn’t get it. And rattling around Ballymore Eustace, he never will.

  • SB

    Stephen Copeland

    You dont know what your missing by not getting yourself a copy of the Newsletter. I get it from time to time for the farming section on a saturday. At first I didnt read the main paper because it looked like a 19th century parish bulletin. Then I got to reading.

    There’s a great section on Ulster-Scots which I like. Near the centre there’s also about two pages of unionists slagging each other off. And on page 7 you can usually get some dolly-bird abseilling or some nonsense in belfast. The sport pages are atrocious however.

    Headlines are mostly all hysteria and rhetoric about republicans but is sort of fun. There is a perverse pleasure in doing something you know you really should’nt be. It’s a bit like daring yourself to read the sindo to see how indignant you can make yourself at Eilish O’Hanlon or Ruth Dudley Edwards.

    A few pence wont make any difference to the coffers of the newsletter, give it a go. It gives me a good insight (I think) into the mind of a run of the mill, country farming, sash wearing,Presbeterian, Dup voting class of people whom I dont know socially.

  • Mills, The Irish Times is your paper of record, period. It has quality and depth of talent that O’Rilley has yet to pay for. That you have a negative view of it is no wonder coming from a Blueshirt judging a rag run by the former PD TD for Dun Laoghaire. It ain’t rocket science.

    But he has a fatal flaw. He doesn’t understand the Irish soul, though he is an expert on the Irish heart. He is the gifted and talented son of a Leicester GP who is desparate to be Irish.

    Spot on if you shave the preceding two sentences.

    His style changes drastically when he is writing for the Home Counties, say in the Torygraph. Gone is the shlock craic and in comes the tug of the forelock. It curiously reminds me of his doppleganger, Earnest Ford, somber newsman at KFXM in San Bernardino, morphing into Tennessee Ernie for the Dude Ranch Party country music show in the evenings on the same station. The publicity stills for Dude Ranch Parth show Ford with a blacked out tooth, in bib overalls and a straw hat.

    Does anyone know the difference between Myers English and Oirish publicity stills? The only ones I have seen show a variation on smug as if he were the Derek Zoolander of shamrock polemics.

  • Harry Flashman

    Excellent, the Irish Times that used to give column space to Mary Holland and Conor Cruise O’Brien, to Robert Ballagh and Garrett Fitzgerald, to Vincent Browne and Mary Harney is now ditching Kevin Myers, great news.

    Soon we will have John Waters getting the chop for refusing to follow the wymyn’s agenda and Frank Millar will be sent off to pastures new for failing to stamp enough on Tony Blair. They saw off Mark Steyn whose writing, like Myers’, was biting, sharp, pungent and well researched and as such showed up the terminally vacuous nyamming of Fintan O’Toole.

    So sleep safe at night dear Dublin 4 liberals, worry no more, your house newsletter is safe from anyone who might contradict your maundering, platitudinous, whining lefty view of the world; the RTE/BBC/Guardian agenda is fully in operation now. Lara Marlowe will continue to drone on about the nasty Israelis and how misunderstood the French “youths” (aka jihadis) really are, that bloke who writes from Spain will be sure to tell you that the terrorist campaign of ETA was a figment of the Spanish imagination and really the problem was the big bad Spanish government. No longer will anyone contradict your precious viewpoint that BushHitler is the greatest evil and that we should just try to be nice to Al Queda.

    Enjoy the echo chamber, I know I won’t be renewing my online subscription.

  • Brian Boru

    Myrers is a mixed bag. I hate his West British analysis of 1916 but I like his challenge to PCness on immigration.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Brian Boru,

    Myrers is a mixed bag. I hate his West British analysis of 1916 but I like his challenge to PCness on immigration.

    The ‘good’ news is that an online subsription for the Indo is free. You have to register, but you don’t have to pay anything.

    So Myers junkies can continue to get their fix, and without having to pay anything! OK, you’re adding to the online Indo hit stats, and thereby giving them greater clout with the advertising agencies who will then have to pay more, but at least you’re not directly paying for it.

    The bad news (for Myers) is that the letters page in the Indo is not at all as influential as the Irish Times letters page, and thus his power to stimulate argument will be much reduced.

    On a more mundane level, I wonder who will replace him in the ‘Irishman’s Diary’ column in the IT?

  • foreign correspondent

    Let´s have a Slugger poll on who should be the new main Irishman´s Diary columnist.
    Here are my list of preferences:

    1) Gerry Anderson
    2) Eamonn McCann
    3) Nell McCafferty

    It is a total coincidence that all three of my nominations are from Derry, ceart go leor?

  • foreign correspondent

    PS Contraversial might be the phonetic spelling in S.B.E. (Standard Belfast English) but I think otherwise it´s usually contrOversial, isn´t it? 🙂

  • Oi Copeland, “Myers monster”? And this from the Slugger poster surest to run whining to mammy should anyone raise an eyebrow at him. Next time you out-pompous yourself and refer me to Slugger’s posting policy, be sure to quit your gassing for a second and read it yourself. Ball, man [not equal] “Myers monster”.

    BTW it is everyone who disagrees with your monumentally boring and predictable views who falls victim to a, “mixture of lies, political prejudice and bigotry”, or just the papers you [gasps for breath at the sheer import of it all] “refuse to subsidise”? J*s*s f*ck*ng Chr*st.

  • The Irish Independent has turned Sindo since Vinnie Doyle moved on. The Indo and IT are both awful. All Myers can write about is The Great War, which ended in 1918. He is a silly bore and the Irish Times is lucky to be rid of him.
    But pity those of us who are registed Indo online readers. Now we have another page to skip. Still, the Sunday Busienss Post online has better informed commentators (McWilliams, McGurk and V Brown) and it is free.

  • Stephen Copeland

    Karl Rove,

    Your obsession with me is flattering, though somewhat creepy! Maybe some time you’ll actually reply to the substance of what I say?

    On, and by the way, in case you have forgotten ir already, here’s a hint:

    Commenting Policy

  • ‘Obsession’? Twat.

    You whined and bleated on one thread, I pulled you up on this, second, one. G*d almighty – if you consider brushing past someone twice to be an ‘obsession’, I do have to wonder how many restraining orders have been taken out against you.

    As for your ineffably pompous recitation of Slugger’s posting policy, hoorah, you have taken your herculean lack of self-awareness to a new level.

    One cannot reply to the substance [sic] of calling someone “Myers monster” because it entirely lacks any substance. That’s my fricking point – you self-importantly drone on about ‘substance’, yet you offer yourself. Why cannot you not see this? Oh wait, it’s because you’re blindingly self-righteous.

    Please, tell me that you are a satirical invention. I’m betting friend Rumsfeld.

  • páid

    Karl, I think Stephen Copeland was out of order calling KM the Myers monster and I realise you may be sore at him over an earlier post.

    But this can all be pointed out without resorting to insults.

  • Oooooooooh, Karl Rove is in a very personalized bitchy mood today.

    Stephen, I always think you articulate yourself very well on this forum. F– the begrudgers.

    The Irish Times need not look too far for a replacement to Mr Myers, I’d look forward to reading columns by yourself or Billy Pilgrim or Mick Hall.

    Anything to break the consensus of the smug self satisfied conservatism of the Dublin middle class media would be welcome. I mean Fintan “Finbar” O’Toole, lord help us, the Wolfe Tones debated with him on the Late Late Show a few years back and it was hilarious in its absurity.
    In fairness though, the Irish Times doesn’t suffer too much from that awful disease of “crime correspondents” setting the agenda with their unsustantiated claims and “sources”.

    So yes, I propose Steve, Billy or Mick as a breath of fresh air to sweep through D’Olier street.

  • The ‘good’ news is that an online subsription for the Indo is free.

    You betcha.

    It’s worth every goddamn penny you pay for it.


    I just renewed my subscription to the IT. Christ! 90 bucks!

    Your lament on that Canadian is noted. He has been replaced by Krauthammer, every bit a tool as Steyn except he works for a real newspaper and knows how to spell his name.

    All the best to Uliba-Wark.

  • Harry Flashman

    Ah yes Jim, there’s nothing like a bit of anti-semitism in the morning, piss off.

  • Ah yes Jim, there’s nothing like a bit of anti-semitism in the morning, piss off.

    ‘Arry, there’s no need to lie for love.

    I suppose this means we’ll never go steady.

    All the best to Cleonie.