Slow blogging from me…

I’m busy tomorrow on other things, so I won’t have much time to contribute to Slugger… I’d encourage some of less frequent bloggers to come in an fill the space… In the meantime, to those of you taking it, have a great Mayday/Labour Day/Spring Bankholiday break. And don’t forget a few quid in the donation box… if you can manage it!!

  • Yahoo!!!

    It’s Beltaine time again to get bare-assed naked and carouse around under in the Oak Grove in the shadow of the Sacred Mound.

    Or is he making you paint the porch.

  • Mick Fealty

    Porch is done. Tatties are in. Time to paint the back of the house.

  • Joe

    hooray, hooray,
    The 1st of May
    Outdoor fucking
    Starts today

  • Henry94

    David Trimble has accused elements within the Orange Order leadership of conspiring to damage the peace process.

    Speaking at a book launch last night, Mr Trimble, himself an Orangeman, said some unionists had entered a pact with elements in the Orange Order to try and wreck the Good Friday Agreement.

    The former UUP leader was launching The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed, which was written by long-standing Orangeman Rev Brian Kennaway.

    The book claims that the loyalist order has inflicted serious damage on itself by turning a blind eye to paramilitarism and violence in its own ranks.

    It says sectarian murderers have escaped expulsion and sash-wearing members have openly attacked the security forces without redress.

  • I’m sorry Hank, I mislaid my specs and I can’t make out the part about David and Daphne’s lewd Beltaine antics, cavorting in the raw amongst the daises.