Just posted a short piece on Labour’s Dave the Chameleon campaign on the Guardian blog (after a heads up from Rebecca)… hmmm… it’s not just Slugger where they go for it hammer and tongs.

  • sluggingmissfitz

    I think this could be a spectacular own goal. I think the chameleon on the bike is very cute and fetching. Actually, adorable, and Cameron isnt bad either.

    Like it or not, looks count, especially if you compare the dashing dave to bloated brownie.

    I think it will enhance Cameron’s reputation and highlight his desire to act decisively on the environement

  • dodrade

    I love Dave the Chameleon! He should get his own kid’s show!

    As for its message, that underneath it all he’s still true blue, i’m not so sure. I think he means what he’s saying, though maybe he’s trying too hard with the Norway trip. However I believe the rest of the party are as right wing as ever and are merely biting their lips hoping Cameron can get them elected.

  • thought the chameleon was a mistake as well.

    It looks as if picking a fight with the media over home affairs might not turn out to have been such a bright idea either.

    Its not looking good for 4 May.