In the last few weeks we’ve had a few significant contributions via the paypal ‘donate’ button (which only displays on the left hand side of individual thread pages). This is all the more appreciated since it is a long time since we made any kind of a direct appeal. We’ve found in the past that people contribute most when we’re doing something over and above common or garden blogging – like the election coverage. But even keeping the conversations on Slugger on an even keel, can, at times, take an extraordinary amount of time – well into the night on some occasions. So if any of you feel like putting in you own token, please feel free to contribute whatever you feel you can afford! All moral (and fiscal) support is very much appreciated back here at Slugger Central!!

  • let me give

    I wanna give but i don’t want my details over-space what go we do now Mick, envelope posted somewhere?

  • Mick Fealty

    You can send cheques, MOs or cash donations here. Thanks in advance!!

  • Snuff Box

    If a donate a few pounds at a generous rate of interest over a number of years can I get some sort of recognition? A title of some sort perhaps. ‘Sir Snuff of Slugger’ sounds good or ‘The Good Slugger O’Snuff’. We are not communists after all.