Northern Ireland celebrity rich list

One of the great talents we have is nabbing credit for anyone who has ever lived in Northern Ireland – Lily Langtree, the old music Hall star (and mistress to the then Prince of Wales)who once lived in what’s now part of St Patrick’s, Barnageeha. Julia Neuberger and Sting also come to mind. The Belfast Telegraph has a list of the new celebrity rich kids, including the Belfast born grand daughter of Charlie Chaplin.

  • ncm

    You’d think Geldoff would part with a few quid. Who needs that much cash?

  • It’s somewhat ironic that Geldof is described as an anti-poverty campaigner. He’s certainly succeeded in campaigning against his own poverty. But in the hypocritical self-righteousness tosser stakes he doesn’t compare to fellow Dub Bono. This is the man who pretends to be all concerned about 3rd world debt and global poverty, then he takes his ex-wardrobe assistant to court over a fucking hat. Geldof and Bono’s combined incomes and assets could go a long way towards feeding Africa. So why don’t they go and live there?

  • philt

    The moneys just resting in his account Im sure.

    Taking credit for Katie Melua and Keira Knightley is a bit much. REM performed in the Odyssey last year, can we throw Stipe into our rich list too?

  • Cybez

    A case of “nabbing credit for anyone who has ever lived in Northern Ireland” I noticed Slugger on a BLOGEBRITY list too @

  • sohnlein

    Surprising that the Shoukri’s and Tom have not made it onto the list…


    I think it’s Shoukris Bookmaker that ought to be on the list.

  • Doesn’t the Bel Tele have some proof readers…”The Belfast-born granddaughter of comic Charlie Chaplin has been named as the world’s second richest entertainer. The Sunday Times Rich List claims Kiera Chaplin, is worth £30m….” and then goes on to list U2, Van and Bob as having greater fortunes. Useless excuse of journalism.