RTÉ profit surges to more than €9m

Despite it’s amny detractors, the RTE’s profits have moved up substantially, on the back of increased advertising, but also the massive growth in houses and apartments in the state. Emmet Oliver reports:

These show its after-tax surplus or profit growing from €6.8 million in 2004 to over €9 million in 2005, a jump of over 30 per cent. This is in sharp contrast to its financial position of four to five years ago when it struggled to turn a profit and had to instigate a major redundancy programme. The growth in the number of houses and apartments in the State has also helped the station because every home with a TV set must purchase a licence. Since April 1st 2005 the cost of a TV licence has been €155.


  • Stephen Copeland


    Who are RTÉ’s many detractors? And why did you start your blog with such a clearly negative tag? The story you linked to was fairly neutral and did not refer to any ‘detractors’, so why do you?

    For the record, I think RTÉ is fairly good, with many good programmes (and of course some bad). But if you want detraction, let’s talk about TV3 or Channel 6 ….

  • Henry94


    If Slugger could extract a fee from every home in the state it too would make a profit despite its many detractors.

  • slug

    How is RTE/the Irish Republc doing on the digital channel front? Does the Irish Republc have things like our BBC3 and BBC4, BBC World, BBC News 24 etc? Also is (and if so when is) the Irish Republic switching over from analogue to digital (in NI we switch 2012). Is digital radio currently available in the Irish Republic? Does anyone know who is going to buy TV3, will it be ITV or UTV?

  • Yokel


    I read somewhere recently that ITV werent going to play for the rest of TV3 because of a dispute with CanWest. Maybe thats changed but I do know our friends at Havelock House are definitely geared up for a go.

  • willis

    I think slugs post is connected to the reason for the increase in profit.

    FF wanted RTE dead and buried and a burgeoning commercially driven digital future. They wanted to sell off Transmission and invite the money men in to finance the digital future.

    Cold feet all round.

    Plan B.

    Save RTE and let them build an eventual digital future.

    Full marks for not destroying RTE, but they came very close.

  • Brian Boru

    Congrats to RTE. Their standards have definitely improved – except Fair City. I used to like it but it went downhill when they changed the theme tune to a dreary, funeral dirge. The sets are also too samey. The people of Carrigstown seem to be trappist monks and nuns, forever walking down only one street, or staying in their homes. The Clinic is fab though – should make it a soap instead of 12 episodes a go. Fallout (drama about an accident at Sellafield) is also looking great. I saw an ad for it and thought an accident had actually happened for a sec. Miss Glenroe though. Had a weird charm to it. Holding out a candle for its return. But good work RTE.

  • smcgiff



    If you have skynews – In NI does it default to Skynews Ireland or does it continue with the normal sky (i.e. GB coverage) of a weeknight?

  • Slug.
    This is what we have in Munster and many others have the Sky package http://www.chorus.ie/
    Whilst there is a lot of garbage on, and in fairness, RTE does have interesting documentaries from time to time, especially the History series on Tuesday nights.BBC 4 would be probably my favourite of all the stations.
    I have to agree about “Fairly Shitty” an awful drab affair, but the ones from across the water are no better.
    Go on the Munstermen.

  • Realist

    RTE does not make a profit. As a license funded semi state it can only have a surplus or a loss.