Lá le fail mar podchraoladh (podcast)

podchraoladh nua ag Lá. An spoirt ar fad. Tá saghas staisuin raidio Gaelach againn anois. Go maire sibh go leir cé gur cur le ceile é – go hairithe an scribhneoir sin ag an deireadh den chlar! De reir ar n-eolais is é an chéad nuachtán laethúil in Éirinn le tabhairt faoin podchraoladh.


  • me


  • Oilibhéar Chromaill

    Just for the uninitiated, Lá, the Irish language daily newspaper, has become the first daily newspaper in Ireland to venture into podcasting. It’s rough and ready at the minute and can be got at at the newspaper’s website which can be reached from slugger’s home page. It takes its inspiration from the work of An tImeall, the first Irish language podcast.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s rought surely, but excellent work.

    I’m conscious that I need to get my second one out soon, and sort the ‘cast’ part. It does take a while to get used to it.

    Mar a duirt mé – an spoirt ar fad!