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Since I’m not likely to be blogging until tomorrow, or this evening at the very earliest, you can use this space to raise anything you feel important that arises in the meantime. Please don’t forget to include links. This is an example of the coding you need to embed it in your text.

  • Keith M
  • George

    it’s on the nationalist rhetoric thread as the ying to McDowell’s yang.

  • Barry

    I have just tuned in to your planet from my location in a galaxy quite remote from your’s. I am not sure how all this works, but I have written the comments below and attached then to this particular spot, to which there appears to be an open invitation to express opinions.

    ’You stop waving your flag and I’ll stop waving mine.’ On Sky TV a Ruth Dudley Edwards described the 1916 anniversary as ‘necrophiliac nationalism’. Except for the bit where they remembered the ‘enemy’, some faint praise there. Concerned that I might be infected with necrophilia, I turned to BBC Radio 4 (4pm Sunday). I tuned in to a long, long reading of Andrew Marvel’s Horatian Ode to Oliver Cromwell on His Victorious Return from Ireland (part of a Poems in History series). At 5pm, I was given a long list of upcoming programmes celebrating 80 glorious years of British history to commemorate the Queen’s 80th birthday. Well, I thought, at least I won’t catch necrophilia here. One culture seems to be based on victimhood, glorying in glorious defeats. The other appears to glory in victory-ism, whereby the side never loses a battle, civilises the world and does not know the meaning of defeat.

    We are sending one of our elite psychiatrists down there to see if he can stop all this silliness.

  • Glen Taisie

    If there was a(repeat) General Election you would you vote for? If you lived in a different constituency who would you vote for? If you had awider choice who would you vote for?

    Here goes my thinking

    North Antrim Sean Farren SDLP (just shades it over Philip McGuigan)
    East Antrim Danny O’Connor SDLP
    South Antrim Undecided since Meehan has left with his acceptance speech
    North Belfast undecided (but definitely Martin Morgan if he were to stood)
    West Belfast Gerry Adams Sinn Fein
    South Belfast Alasdair McDonnell SDLP
    East Belfast Naomi Long Alliance
    North Down Sylvia Hermon UUP
    South Down Eddie McGrady SDLP (Anybody but Ruane)
    Strangford Anyone but Iris
    Lagan Valley Anyone but Jeffrey
    Upper Bann David Trimble UUP (definitely!!!!!)
    Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy Sinn Fein
    Fermanagh/South Tyrone Tommy Gallagher SDLP gildernew is pathetic)
    West Tyrone Dr Kieran Deeny (Hospital candidate)
    Mid Ulster Patsy McGlone SDLP (Gaelgoiri)
    East Derry John Dallat SDLP (Francie Brolly is decent but I would never vote for Billy Leonard)
    Foyle Mark Durkan SDLP (No-one likes Mitchel

  • Fidel O’toole

    In South Antrim I voted for Willie McCrea, as opposed to David Burnside, as Mr Burnside is a bigot. I suppose I should have voted Alliance, but well, tactical voting can be useful at times.

  • D’Oracle


    All kinds of issues were highlighted by the handling of the Ryanair and Aer Arann bomb scare flights during the past week. The flights originated in France and England respectively, the scares came to light over British airspace and both flights were escorted by RAF Tornados to Prestwick.

    One issue that deserves attention is what if either or both flights had originated in say, Galway or Shannon and the scares came to light over Irish airspace ; the Irish Aer Corps has nothing operational and armed which could even come close to keeping pace with the cruising speed of say a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320.

    How come no one in the media has raised this obvious and worrying state of affairs?

  • In South Antrim I voted for Willie McCrea, as opposed to David Burnside, as Mr Burnside is a bigot

    Normally its the other way round…

  • elfinto

    Messrs McCrea and Burnside are both known for their dalliances with paramilitary organisations.

  • northantrim

    Burnside also pushed infront of me in a shop in Ballymoney! a vote lost! though im afraid its extremely doubtful he ever had it! 😉

    my two cents

  • Messrs McCrea and Burnside are both known for their dalliances with paramilitary organisations.

    And McCrea isn’t?

  • Crap ignore that last comment, I got confused between the McCrea’s..