You’re killing South Park. You Bastards!

South Park has been censored by Comedy Central AGAIN. This is the third episode of the last seven that Comedy Central has caved to pressure from religious pressure groups. Bloody Mary and Trapped in the Closet were shown once then pulled because of protests from Roman Catholic groups and the Church of Scient’logy respectively.This time the controversy is about showing an image of the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him). This is despite the fact that South Park in series six had an episode depicting the Prophet as a superhero with no controversy. To highlight the idiotic position Comedy Central have dug themselves into, South Park producers added an image showing Jesus Christ defecating on George Bush and the American flag as well with no objections from Comedy Central.

They also put in a scene arguing Comedy Central’s pandering threatens the future of the series (Quicktime needed) and argue some of those clamouring for the bans as opportunists who never liked South Park.