Tackling the low level conflict

Yesterday evening sectarian stone-throwing broke out in the Suffolk area in advance of a Republican Easter march in the area.

In an interface area this is not an unusual occurrence for while the “high intensity” conflict has near disappeared, there has not been the same decline in low level attacks on both communities. These continue to restrict, blight and hurt the lives of many as well as cost us all through the costs of having to pay for duplication.

Government’s Shared Future is heavy on aspiration but the delays in developing the Action Plan show how difficult it is to transform the vision into practical policies. How can these attacks be reduced or stopped? How can the safety and respect people need to share facilities be achieved?

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  • The answer is respect for each other’s traditions, education, simple things like:
    ” We’ve had a divided past which we can overcome in a shared future.”
    One day the penny will drop. Everyone must help.

  • The Devil

    **** VERY MISLEADING POST ******

    One could be forgiven for thinking that there was sectarian stone throwing at the Lenadoon/Blacks Rd interface reading the above article.

    This is totally misleading, what was actually happening was a cross community better nieghbourhood drive.

    The regular window cleaners of the respective communities happened to coincidently be off on vacation at the same time, an observant member of the opposing community noticed the plight of his new found friends from just over the road and decided to go over and clean the windows himself.

    So touched and taken aback by this hands across the road example of kindness, thoughtfulness, and good nieghborly example that the recipient of this generosity decided that he should repay the wonderful gesture shown and gathered friends and family and crossed the road and cleaned not only the generous persons windows but that of his entire street.

    Okay so the people of this unfortunate area are not the wealtiest community in the world as can be seen by the fact that so many of them have no clothes to wear and have to make do with only one item of clothing all the year round, and being the intelligent and resourceful people they are they chose clothing that can be worn 24 hours a day. Any doubter can witness this by observing how embarrassed they are when they are forced to walk to and from the shops dressed only in pajamas and slippers.

    Due to the fact that both communities in this locality are so finacially embarrassed and the benifit books were cashed last Monday the purchase of Half Leathers for the cross community window cleaning venture was well and truely out of the question, so the resourceful members of both communities simmultanously came up with the brilliant idea of replacing Half Leathers with half bricks, this also not only leaves the owners of the cleaned house with windows so transparent that one could be forgiven for thinking there was no glass in the frame at all, but also has a cooling slightly airy effect on thew room.


  • “How can these attacks be reduced or stopped?” We could start by lifting the little gits who do it and putting some heat on them and their families instead of telling them they’re victims and treating them accordingly.

  • The Devil


    Your family motto is supposed to be

    mean well, speak well ,do well

    Not lets start up the vigilantes

  • circles

    Is that the full story they put up on UTV?
    “There have been reports of stone-throwing among youths in west Belfast. It is understood community workers and police helped to quell the incident in the Suffolk area last night.”
    Says about as much as the headline “sack of rice falls over in China”

    Where did you get your republican Easter march angle FD? Anymore details on this (its my neck of the woods, would be very interested).

    By the way Devil, your 3:07 was hilarious – did you write that yourself or did you get help?

  • fair_deal


    “We could start by lifting the little gits who do it ”

    This is the PSNI we are talking about 😉


    I was at a meeting yesterday were community relations in Suffolk were being discussed (coincidentlally enough). The joint shopping development is held up as a case of good practice. How issues around the local band parade are dealt with was also discussed and one of the participants mentioned about the upcoming republican march.

  • circles

    And is there evidence of a connection between stone throwing and the march?

    Have you seen the joing shopping development (if we’re talking about the Lidl and the row of shops). Not exactly what you think of when you hear the phrase “case of good practice”. The unionist people live behind a steel gate and wall directly behind it and the nationalist on the other side of the stewartstown road, behind a metal fence. Still its better than the 25 foot high corrugated iron that used to be there. But fences and people always leads to division – automatically differences are emphasised and there is no chance to share what you have in common (unless that happens to be frozen peas from Lidl).

  • The Devil


    “did I get help”

    That’s really strange that you should say that, because when my mother was telling me to vistit prostitutes (pro’s we used to call em, short for professional)

    She would say things like “you wee devil you need help, you need to see a professional”

    I haven’t been yet so I didn’t get any help… YET

  • The Devil

    Sorry The Devil is not too bloody arrogant to say thanks just too bloody forgetful.

    Thank-you glad you liked it.

  • fair_deal


    “Have you seen the joing shopping development (if we’re talking about the Lidl and the row of shops).”

    Yes but this is about community relations in belfast so “case of good practice” is government code for clutching at straws.

    The connection was made by person who raised it in the meeting that disagreements over it could end in trouble. Sorry should have made that clear in my previous post.