UVF interview: no decommissioning please, we’re loyalists…

An interview carried today by the Belfast Telegraph reveals that the UVF are certainly under little pressure to decommission- and are expressing little hope of doing so anytime soon. Indeed, the interview points to the loyalist paramilitary outfit seeking to use its muscle to influence the Plan B option being floated by both governments here, a potentially ominous development as we approach the marching season- particularly given the level of UVF activity last Summer.

  • joe

    Well at least Loyalists have literally stuck to their guns. Unlike the Provos who say one thing and do another. Remember Not a bullet not an ounce, we will never enter Stormont, we will never accept an internal settlement, it is the cutting edge of the IRA that will drive the Brits from our land, there will be no ceasefire until the Brits agree to withdraw. The list goes on and on.

  • lib2016

    You think the Brits aren’t withdrawing?

  • ingram

    Quote”You think the Brits aren’t withdrawing

    Not the way you mean, indeed even Danny Boy thinks not.

    Unless you know something we do not? go Lib2016

    I suppose 2016 is what you are refering to . IRA statement just released on SKY News. In the Easter statement the IRA makes clear Republicans are involved in criminal activity for self gain.

    Please stop me from hurting myself , the laughter is rife.


  • elfinto

    So the UVF have let it be known that they are opposed to `plan B’ and they will not be making a statement until after the 26th November. Basically, they remain fully armed and are threatening the two governments. Doing the DUP`s bidding once again.

  • Cahal

    Have the DUP responded in any way to the UVF statement?

  • Yokel

    What can they say Cahal?

    They certainly won’t say they have any sympathy with the movement or the statement, its easaier for them to ignore it or just say that the UVF are the past and should be seen as such but I’d actually back the former unless one of their reps is collared by a journalist and asked to respond.

    Be worth merging Chris’s post with the other one about the UVF.

    Joe, 30 years of shooting and bombing didnt work, the Provos were pretty much fought to a stalemate. It made sense to change approach. With Tony Blair in charge the threat of blowing things up is way more potent thamn actually doing it because Tony is really scared of it.

  • elfinto

    The DUP reaction to this will be negligible. The UVF are ,after all, a bunch of terrorists in DUP eyes but they are a useful bunch of terrorists. From a DUP perspective it`s handy to know that they remain fully armed just in case the governments light `a spark that will never go out`. It`s a win-win situation.

    As for the UVF threatening bombings: sure they need help from the British to that!

  • harry

    The uvf were responsible for shooting a rival drug dealer in North Belfast on Tuesday evening.

    If they give up their weapons how would the control the drug trade in Belfast and beyond ?

  • lib2016


    “the Brits aren’t withdrawing”

    Why else would they have sent you to blow smoke in our eyes?

  • ingram


    Quote”As for the UVF threatening bombings: sure they need help from the British to that

    Dream on.


    Quote”Why else would they have sent you to blow smoke in our eyes?

    No smoke in my pipe boy just the real deal , ask Freddy or the Notorantonio`s


  • heck

    should’nt we be pressurizing the British government to achieve loyalist disarmament. After all it was they, through Marty and his buddies, who supplied them with the arms from South Africa in the first place?

    Ops soorrry –It is only fenians who must disarm.

  • fair_deal


    Please remember that throwing allegations about identifiable individuals puts Mick and this site at risk.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Controlling the drug trade in Belfast and beyond would probably take an organisation with a “Columbian connection”. The organisation responsible would probably have robbed a bank or two to help with purchases etc.

  • German-American

    Regarding loyalist paramilitaries, the DUP, and potential responses to “Plan B”, I recall Ian Paisley Jr’s comments after last year’s riots: “The Government cannot ignore us. They have seen in recent days the vacuum they helped to create if they ignore the elected representatives of unionism.” That seems pretty clear to me at least; one doesn’t have to show a gun or even hold it to threaten its use.

  • circles

    I’m amazed! The UVF say they won’t disarm and still the usual toads crawl out of their swamps to have a cheap go at the republican movement – I wonder would yiz ever catch yerselves on “ingram” and co.? (although I must congratulate Intelligence insider on a grand display of trying to warp reality to suit his world view. Just keep on dreaming II that its the ra and not the orange mafia running the drugs in belfast – and keep taking those tablets).
    Of course the DUP will remain silent on this – this suits them very well. The hypocrisy of it all is staggering – I think even fairdeal would concede that.