An Phoblacht sales dropping?

Jim Cusack in last week’s fifth column in the Sunday Independent indicates that as few members of the public are buying An Phoblacht, Sinn Fein has plans to use it to what amounts to an in-house organ for party members:

“The paper should be used as an organisational tool. It is there as a forum for political debate and discussion,” it points out. The Cuige is “asking areas to look at their activists’ base and ask what can be done to encourage all activists to buy the paper. It is generally agreed that the problem lies with the fact that we do not have the sellers.”

It adds: “All cumann members and CC members should agree to subscribe to the paper; a cumann must sell no less than 50 papers before they can subscribe; criteria is that there must be no returns on current paper sales; sell 100 papers and get 50 papers free; a cumann that sells between 50 and 100 papers will get 25 papers free; during election canvassing give voters a copy of the paper.”