Siobhan O’Hanlon dies

Our sympathies to the family and friends of Siobhan O’Hanlon who lost her battle with cancer last night. She was key backroom player with Sinn Fein negotiating team in the run up to the signing of the Belfast Agreement.

  • The Devil

    I don’t know how many people did in Ireland last night but I do know none of them were mentioned on Slugger…

    She was not a T.D
    She was not an M.P
    She was not an M.L.A
    She was not a City councillor
    She was not a County councillor

    She was not a party spokesperson
    She was not a party press officer
    She was not a commentor on Slugger

    So why was there a posting for her on Slugger

  • circles

    If you ever learn to read check the link. I think you’ll find she played an important role in our recent history.

    Many thanks for the hard work and dedication – rest in peace Siobhan.

  • Mick Fealty

    Devil, you don’t write the blog. Politicians in all parties rely on people like O’Hanlon. And they rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve.

  • Shore Road Resident

    This would be Siobhan, sister of Sunday Independent columnist Eilis, I presume?

  • johns burns

    I have always admired Eilis O’hanlon’s writings in the Sunday Independent.

  • The Devil

    My post stands… perhaps you’re the one that need to learn how to read.

    You put the post up for people to comment on, to either give an account of past personel dealings with her, or to question her politics in the first place. You’re right I don’t write the blog but as someone who reads it I have an absolute right to comment on it.

    I did not mock her or make little of her illness but I do dwell in the land of reality and she was not an elected representative or a regular face on Television, I very much doubt if many of Sluggers regular contributors who are very much into their politics could have picked her out on an identity parade.

    Perhaps if you want to know how to open a book of condolence Mick you could contact the Cityhall.

  • mickhall

    Siobhan O’Hanlon was part of Gerry Adam’s inner circle, like them or loath them, the influence this group of individuals have on the norths political life, thus every day life has been considerable. When one of them dies in their prime Mick is correct to post it up on Slugger, as it is a blog of public record. Surly expressing condolences on the death of someone is the mark of civilized behavior.

  • johns burns

    I’m sure she did work hard for the party. I imagine people like her, particularly women, are the backbone of any party or organisation.
    She also, however, served a prison sentence for bombing offences in the eighties. Serving four years out of a seven year sentence. So she was much more than a faithful party worker.

  • Shore Road Resident

    I don’t think Siobhan and Eilis were on speaking terms, due to political differences. I hope they managed to patch things up enough to say good bye before it was too late.

  • GAK

    Joe Cahill was her uncle,I was sorry to hear she has died.

  • Holy flute, Devil and Keith M – do you get a kick out of trying to be funny about someone’s recent death. I don’t care who they are, is it too much to ask for a bit of respect?

    I expect that Mick posted this because a lot of backroom political people read this site and she was one of their number. Pretty shoddy stuff from both of you.

  • Mick Fealty

    Spot on urquhart!! I feel like taking it off under the terms of public decency!

  • TL

    Why is everyone so cracked about Mick’s post? She died, he posted it, move on… Who she is or what she did may be fair game but step off the post…

  • qubol

    In one mind I think it would nearly be best to close this thread but in another I think it would be good to have keep on record what some people have said here – there’s just no need for this. Siobhan O’Hanlon did a lot for our society and even if your own bigotry blinds you from seeing that it doesnt give you the right to slag off her memory. And if someone’s death being mentioned here is such a problem why bother posting?

  • RonT

    Friday’s Belfast Telegraph (internet version) starts off it’s small article of Ms. O’Hanlon’s funeral with : “Several hundred mourners attended the funeral of convicted IRA terrorist Siobhan O’Hanlon in West Belfast today.”

    This descendent of Presbyterians for one is insulted and ashamed at the coldness of reporter Debra Douglas. I need to find a better sourse for my N.I news………

  • ingram

    Siobhan was certainly an influential figure within the Republican movement and in some ways we grew up together.


    Martin Ingram

  • TL

    At the end of the article they describe her as “…a Sinn Fein official heavily involved in the parties negotiating team in the run up to the Good Friday agreement”… that bit probably could have gone first and the “convicted terrorist” part last.

  • Steve BURN

    I am very surprised at some of the bitter comments posted by people on this website concerning the recent death of Siobhan O’Hanlon.
    I knew Siobhan from the Sinn Fein speaking tours and political meetings of the 1990’s.
    Myself and others sat with her the night before the historic Downing Street meeting in London. We addressed the issues of the day and the forthcoming meeting with the British. She was a Republican activist and I for one was proud to have known her.

  • TL

    That was very touching Steve, thank you for sharing it with us.

  • R. Sieger

    My only sympathies are to her sister Eilis.

    (Again, Slugger — either print unredacted –remember you’re not Archbishop McQuaid — or do not print at all. Slainte)

  • Mick Fealty

    R Seiger. Either read the comments policy and accept the rules of engagement, or don’t post at all!

  • Steve Burn

    Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute to a website where every contributor could spell properly. Mind you,that’s a lot to ask of critics of the Republican Movement.

    Rest in peace Siobhan,

    o Do cara Burnsy

  • Trisha Ziff

    Siobhan O’Hanlon was, yes it’s true, just another woman stricken by a horrendous disease and left a partner and a child without a mother. She would have probably seen herself as that because she had humility. To those of us who knew her, she was something else too. A very special woman with integrity who lived by her ideas whether one agrees with them or not. Was open, was generous and was willing to understand that not everyone shared her vision of the world, Ireland, or feminism. To quibble over her right to be remembered on this website is a sign of such small mindedness… everyone who makes a contribution to enrich other people’s lives has a right to be remembered. In fact, we all do, and to remember is absolutely the space of a political website. Surely that is what being progressive is about honoring everyone. Even if one abhors her politics, there is a space to honor a woman who fought a crippling disease with courage, who helped all women – not just those who thought as she did – to combat the disease, and despite being deeply private allowed herself to stand up and be counted. On this basis alone, whether she made tea for politicians or not (and her contribution was far greater), her fight is of value to every woman who feels her breasts and checks for that dreaded sign. Shame on you all who think otherwise.


    I’ve seen people die long slow deaths from cancer, it’s not a pretty sight, but then neither is being ripped limb from limb by a bomb.

    I understand why people feel the need to express their sadness over this indiviuals passing,and indeed that she has left behind family and friends that are in deep mourning, and believe me when I say that I take no pleasure in that fact.

    I just hope that others will understand that there are still people alive who are mourning and grieving for their own loved ones, taken away by bombs, bombs made by people like Siobhan.

    I honestly feel it would be remiss not to gie those peope a mention at this time.

  • Rest in Peace Siobhan, you shall be sadly missed.

    A great woman and Republican who spoke her mind and didn’t take shit off anyone, no matter who they thought they were.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam


    Can I ask that if my posts are going to be selectively edited then I’d prefer if they were just deleted completely.
    That last post of mine is but part of what I said and I take exception at my posts being subtly altered in this fashion.

    Censorship is one thing, but altering a post is another thing entirely.

    Bad show.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    Check out section 2 in the commenting policy.

  • joinedupthinking

    Yes. Every post that tries to point out that this was a woman of many sides is removed or edited. Those that hail her as a Mother Theresa figure are left in their entirety.
    It’s worse than censorship its manipulation to try and create a completely false impression.
    Welcome to the world of Sinn Fein.
    Siobhan O’Hanlon is no more worthy of diefying than Jim Gray.

  • The Devil

    The following post was deleted completely and cannot be justified in anyway. As you can see it was numbered 15 and was in reference to post 11 by urquhart

    Are you completely deranged where did either Kieth M ot I make fun of the death person refered to (see post No6 sub-section Mick for proof)
    If you refer to post No1 on this thread, it stands on its own argument, it is up to you and others to try and refute it.
    Posted by The Devil on Apr 12, 2006 @ 07:53 PM

  • joinedupthinking

    The original question has never been answered by Mick.
    Why was this womans death singled out for mention? The only thing that elevated her above any other run-of-the-mill political party apparatchik was her history. And that’s hardly something worth celebrating.
    And, I might add, who is the “we” he refers to in the condolence message meant to refer to?
    Everybody who posts on Slugger?


    Whilst I understand that admin reserve the right to edit or alter any post for whatever reason they see fit, I have to say that the implementation of such a policy in the manner it has been used on this thread gives me great cause for concern.

    I guess I have no option but to vote with my feet.


  • The Devil


    you are of course 100% correct

  • Mick Fealty

    My genuine apologies if people feel I’ve snipped too much of their posts. It was not my intention to clamp down on dissent, but rather to allow people to make their points with civility.

    As for the Devil’s question. This from Urquhart:

    “I expect that Mick posted this because a lot of backroom political people read this site and she was one of their number.”

    It was a courtesy, nothing more. It seems I was a little naive in expecting others to show a similar courtesy.

    One of the things that have become obvious to me in the time I’ve been running Slugger is the hard work and long hours that politicians and their party workers put in, in exchange for a lot emotional ups and downs.

    I did not know O’Hanlon, nor have I any personal estimation of her life or worth. But it seemed to me a simple civility to allow those who did to mark it publicly.

    I have no problem with the idea that people may have some critical things to say as well. But given the circumstances, I would only ask that people do so with a modicum of sensitivity.

    On a point of information, ‘we’ simply refers to Slugger in the abstract. I did not mean to speak on behalf of all our bloggers or commenters.

    Lastly. Civility is an important value that I have fought for over the four years I’ve been running Slugger. It is very easy to underestimate its value in upping the quality of discussion between people who hold opposing views.

    It’s particularly difficult when on the ground dirty tricks, misinformation, and political murder continue even 12 years into our peace process and seven years after the ‘historic’ Belfast Agreement.

    When I started out on the research for our study into the future of Unionism a few years back, I remember remarking to one of the early respondents in the DUP that political discourse in Northern Ireland needs a great deal more civility and bluntness.

    One without the other is meaningless. Too much civility and no bluntness leads to anodyne platitudes: not to mention a false concensus. Bluntness without civility is just war by other means.

    So by all means, be blunt. But be civil also!

    As someone who works long and hard to keep this show on the road however, I reserve my own rights jealously.

  • Mick, why is O’Hanlon’s death being treated any different than Donaldson’s? Surely the speculation over his demise in the hours before he was even cold had less civility than some of the altered comments here. Yet it was not so long ago that he was held in the same esteem as his colleague in Sinn Fein Siobhan. However, he is murdered after exposing himself as informer, and his death becomes fair game. Siobhan led no less a colourful life, but because she died ‘on sides’ so to speak, hers is off limits?

  • The Devil

    Again Mick your snipping….

    urquharts post was as follows in full and not edited by you

    Holy flute, Devil and Keith M – do you get a kick out of trying to be funny about someone’s recent death. I don’t care who they are, is it too much to ask for a bit of respect?

    I expect that Mick posted this because a lot of backroom political people read this site and she was one of their number. Pretty shoddy stuff from both of you.

    Posted by urquhart on Apr 12, 2006 @ 07:39 PM

    as you can clearly see we were accused of making fun of one persons death… which I clearly refuted in the original post 15 which you cut… making it look like I accepted such criticism


  • Mick Fealty


    Less double standards and more constraints of time and resources. If I had the resources, I’d run this site on a more tightly moderated system. But I don’t. That would require sponsorship and substantial investment.

    I was asked a similar question re the McCartney killing. Why so much attention? Or why so much attention on the Ballymurphy pogroms? Answer, they all have political significance beyond the human tragedy of the deaths themselves.

    I’m accutely aware of the pain and fear that people connected with those ‘incidents’ went through. But not to have probed them would have ignored the political significances their deaths represented.

    I have asked for civility across the board. I realise that it is sometimes difficult, possibly nearly impossible. But it’s always worth re-stating the appeal, and hope that people play up rather than play down to the appeal.

  • Mick Fealty


    You are looking for an apology for that? Considering the free shots you’ve taken on Slugger, you’ve really got to be joking. Aren’t you?

  • Mick, so what is the difference that makes O’Hanlon’s life and death off limits? You, in posting the blog, deemed it worthy of comment, and you seek to restrict reflection in this instance yet leave it wide open in others.

    Is her life and political contributions not worthy of being probed, or are you waiting for a more “sensitive time” to host that debate?

    Perhaps because she was not blown open with a shotgun her death is not as “newsworthy” but is that really the measurement of civility?

    Or is it something else entirely we are measuring here?

  • The Devil

    Yes Mick I have taken free shots…

    What do you want a contibution, so like others if I make a lot of them they become cheap shots

  • james andrews

    How much sympathy did any terrorist feel for any of their victims, none whatsover,therefore i feel no sympathy for her or her counterparts in loyalism.
    HoweverI feel for her family and close friends who have lost a loved one,and who have to carry on without her

  • qubol

    some of you guys are unbelievable. This post was started as a way of expressing sympathy for Siobhan, her family, friends and colleagues. If you had to make a comparison it would be something like a Book of Condolences I guess – that said when a book of condolences is opened you wouldn’t head down to City hall and write something negative in the book – you just let it slide. Why can’t you do the same here?

  • I’ve only dropped in and out of this thread, so what has been deleted and when, I don’t know. But, for example, there was a perfectly reasonable seeming (to me) post from Joinedupthinking (orginaly nos. 24 I think) that’s gone. The drift of it was – this woman was complicit in others dying rather more violent deaths than herself. Obviously I’m all for this website’s owner (and volunteer helpers) deleting what they will, when they will. That’s the glory of private property for you. All I’d say, is that I’ve never, ever encountered anyone as willing to keen for their own dead as Irish Republicans, whilst simultaneously not giving a damn about the evil they’ve done to others. Still, no doubt the last 30 years have been worth. Imagine not being able to draw your British government salaries in public until 1998.

  • The Devil


    That is the whole trust of this discussion, read the very 1st post questioning the decision to open up the thread for someone so far down the party chain of command, the same respect has not been afforded to others who have passed away in the years past.

    Since then the post moved on to the more important issue of censorship by Admin of perfectly reasonable posts taking a opposite view to that of certain members of Admin staff, posts have also been tinkered with to change the thrust of their points, and others have been cut completely with no reason given.

  • qubol

    Mr Devil,
    yeah i did read the first post – and like I said, you wouldn’t go to sign a book of condolence to question if they should have a book condolence. Siobhans position in the party is irrelevant – this post was simply to express sympathy. I believe Mick also said they dont have the resources to do this type of post for everyone that dies – maybe it was a slow day on the news and they had some time, whatever its their decision.
    On the second post about censorship – I think TAFKABO does have a point about havin his posts changed without the modified post noting the change. Its not something I’d personally be happy about but thems the rules and before I post I accept that the same thing may happen to my posts.

  • Christalmighty, I’ve stumbled into a wormhole and landed in into a 70’s EST training session!!!!

    Someone dies a slow death, wasting away in front of her family but it’s really about ME!




    No wonder Erhard made you tossers piss in your pants.

  • Rory

    I presume that TAFKABO remembers (and abhors the memory of) RAF Group Captain Leonard Cheshire V.C. for his active complicity in dropping a single bomb over Japan that ripped apart more people than any number of other bombs ever could have.

    He will no doubt see Cheshire’s post war work with the Cheshire Homes as negligible atonement for this single barbarous act aimed as it was intended at a civilian target.

  • joinedupthinking

    When was condolences to Cheshire’s family posted on Slugger?
    I must have missed that one.

  • JK

    Smilin’ Jim’s Barbary Coast Travel Agency

    Spot on

  • Keith M

    I have to say that this is my first encounter with censorship here and I am not well pleased. Considering the level of personal abuse I have to take here without (in most cases) either apology or censorship. Therefore I am more than slightly disturbed to see my reference to O Hanlon as a tea lady being removed.

    The answer to the question asked in the first comment, reamins to be fully answered. is every person who worked i the background in the Stormont talk to be remembered when they die? Why was O’Hanlon signalled out?

    The only thing that makes O’Hanlon’s death notable is her terrorist past. If that is not now the subject of fair comment then when exactly will it be? Why were the (far more offensive) posts after the passing of Ted Heath not treated in a similar way.

    Perhaps a compromise can be reached in the interests of civility. A blog should note the person’s passing, but comments should not be allowed until the person is laid to rest, which might proviode a “cooling off period”.

  • “Censorship” strikes me as being de trop. As I’ve droned on before, in a free society, bully for the owners of websites redacting what they will, as far as their own private property is concerned.

    What interests me more is who, in the instance of this specific thread, was doing most of the redacting? It’s a guess, but I wonder if I’m right in suspecting that some of Mick’s volunteer helpers – the ones with access to the backstage passwords for slugger – have just been a teensy, weensy bit too quick to meddle with this thread? And I worry about that because the one thing that can will kill slugger stone dead is if the Provo blog police, instead of merely being boring and multi-posting on threads, actually get the chance to edit those threads . . .

  • Mick Fealty

    To my knowledge it was only me doing the cutting. I have to defend my right to do it, even if I over do it on occasion. The responsibility for hitting the right tone is the contributor’s.

    One contributor asked me to ‘do my job’ the other evening and take off something they objected to. Well, it isn’t a job. And it really is up to contributors to keep within the one simple rule we have: play the ball and not the man.

    I generally have to let things trundle through here on Slugger – I just don’t have the time or inclination to watch everything that everyone says. But nor have I any interest in political censorship.

    Karl, I would agree with you that if Slugger were to lose its independence to the degree you suggest, I’d be inclined to simply pack up and let someone else have a go.

  • The Devil


    Not one commentor or poster on Slugger denies you the right to wield the axe on your blog, you are the person who runs it and the person who has to suffer the consequences if something goes adversely wrong, however no such senario has yet arisen and that has to be reasoned by the direct action taken by yourself or your adinistration staff at the earliest possible convenience.
    Slugger has been an unqualified success for you and you have basked in its glory Mick, but at times Mick one could be forgiven for making the assumption that the participation of the Blogs regular posters are not seen as an nessessary ingredient for this success.

    When a Thread is posted it is there for Sluggers posters to make comment on or to interact with others on this forum in a form of debate as to any given view, this did not happen with the Siobhan O’Hanlon thread.

    I first questioned the necessity of the post on grounds that the deceased was irrelevant to larger picture of “the peace process” and was not well known enough to merit the original posting, she was not an elected representative or political commentator, she did not do TV or Radio interviews either as a republican or as an individual. She did not hold the position of a party spokesperson or party press officer and did not write articles for public consumption on any given topic and it was therefore my belief that she was elevated to a position that she clearly did not hold.

    Keith M who also posted making the very valid point of how slanted our vision has become of the entire “peace process” and how any criticism of it is met with a Tsunami of abuse. Almost immediately we were both accused of making fun of a dead person and joking about her, at no point did Keith M or I joke about the deceased or make little of a horrible illness yet with innuendo and smear this is exactly what we were accused of by a group of individuals who obviously did not possess the patience to read the first post let alone consider it.

    The important point that both of us were trying to make in the clearest of clear language was if Danny Morrison had passed away or Padraig Wilson or Richard McAuley or even Tom Hartley we would expect.. no we would probably demand a thread be opened because of the high positions they held either real or immaginary within a particular movement.

    Where as the choice of the thread held niether

  • Shore Road Resident

    I think the party affiliations of the moderators on this site should be made clearer, if not thoroughly re-examined.
    Fair Deal appears to be DUP, Gonzo works for the Alliance Party and Chris Donnelly is a Shinner. Have I left anyone out?


    On the contrary, I think people should judge moderators by their words and actions alone.

  • The Devil, you were a much more interesting character in that book you were in with the Palestinian Communist. Is this really what it’s come to?

  • Henry94

    What a dreary thread this turned out to be. To object to the very fact of the thread because Siobhan O’Hanlon wasn’t well know enough is bizarre enough but berating Mick for some perceived agenda and demanding details of his political affiliations is grotesque.

    I think this thread could have led to an interesting discussion on families and political influence. The fact that Siobhan and her sister were both public figures from a republican background who who came to wildly different conclusions is in itself interesting.

    I’d certainly be curious to hear about posters own experiences in that regard.

    Maybe Mick was hoping for a similar outcome. It could have been something a bit different but it turned out to be the same old same old.

    My condolences to Siobhan’s sister Eilas and the rest of the O’Hanlon family.

  • Mick Fealty


    I just think the experience of the politically committed is a fundamentally interesting story, and one that’s largely untold.

    If I’m going to play ref on Slugger, I don’t mind taking s few knocks to the shins every now and again, but the demand to have ‘agendas’ in the open is a hopeless case of ‘man not ball’.

    Not the point of the rule is not save me, my shins or my ego, but to talk about interesting and real stuff.

    The result is that dreariness.

  • Paula

    shame on you who write horrible and untrue comments, you are ignorant and heartless. siobhan was such a great person and helped so many people no matter what religion, background etc. think of her family and real friends before you make such useless comments.

    a special person who none of you would have been worthy to know. and who the hell is eilis anyway?

  • There is some very obvious retort to this (probably trolling) allegation of ‘heartlessness’ in relation to comments on this thread. But I cannot for the life of me think what it could be. Now think Rove, think. Paula has condemned people on this thread for saying disobliging things about a late member of Sinn Fein/IRA: now what would the snappy comeback be? What is it that one should make reference to? What is the exact point of moral comparison here between, supposedly, saying unpleasant things about someone, and . . . what? There must be some other moral act here I could bring into the equation, but, oh, I just cannot remember it. I’ve feeling though it sounds ever so slightly like weevil turdering smastards, and that the expression, ‘slot in fell for clever’ isn’t a million miles away either.

    Vote Sinn Fein
    We feel our pain, and really couldn’t give a flying f*ck about yours, that we caused.

  • Northsider

    “We feel our pain, and really couldn’t give a flying f*ck about yours, that we caused.”

    Rove, see Unionist response to the latest IMC report.

    Particularly the long and expansive and comprehensive condemnation of the section where it is claimed the UDA and UVF are still targeting me, my family, my neighbours, etc…

  • Remind me, the UUP & DUP response to a government quango’s report – quite how does that fit into anything happening in this particular plane of reality? Seriously dude, I’m not smoking the same sh*t you’re on, so help me widen my portals of perception. Are you going to be so silly as to claim that instead of, as they say time after time after time, being opposed to ‘Loyalist’ terrorist groups, the 2 main Unionist parties actually, secretly, known-only-to-you, support them? I know you’d like to think that, and that you have in your possession evidence you cannot yet share with a wider world, but which proves it unquestionably, but would you listen to yourself even for a moment? Sinn Fein/IRA murdered people, the UUP and the DUP did not. You can whinge away as much as you want, but not one thing is going to alter that profound moral imbalance.

  • Northsider

    Two words: Ulster Resistance.

    Two more words: Third Force.

    Here’s more: Loyalist Commission.

    But let’s not go there, it’s all in the past, man.

    Let’s concentrate on this: you say Sinn Fein is focussed only on its own pain, to the exclusion of all else.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Unonist representatives are any different?

    The parse and pick at the IMC report on non-existant IRA terrorist activity against their constituents yet turn a blind eye to the UDA UVF’s murderous and criminal actions against those same consituents.

    THAT, my friend, is a fact.

    And no amount of hectoring, eyewash and fancy semantics can camouflage it.

    As an aside, maybe you need to start smoking something given the hysterical reaction to my original post.

    Methinks I touched a nerve.

  • Yeah, the nerve you touched is my much overworked ‘boredom muscle’. And by flip am I bored of hearing about ‘Ulster Resistance’ and ‘Third Force’. Were they part and parcel of the UUP? No. Were they part and parcel of the DUP? No. Do both the UUP and DUP, without hestitation, condemn so called Loyalist terrorists? Yes. And even if your fantasy world of, ‘oh, but look, Third Force, Davidtrimblewasamassmurderingcriminalmastermindwhokilledtonnesofpeople’, blah, made-up blah, bore any relation to fact, just remind me again of the numbers you’re claiming, since you’re so fond of facts. How many murders tallied up for Third Force/Ulster Resistance vs the Provo’s score, please, if you would, there’s a good chap?

  • Northsider

    You are ignoring the main thrust of my argument which is this: Unionists ignore loyalist violence. That is what I am saying.

    And the reason you are ignoring it is, quite simply, becasue you cannot argue against it.

    I’ll go one further, in certain situations, they have sought to ‘explain’ it or even put it in ‘context.’

    What is the difference between this and what Sinn Fein did for years?

  • For frick’s sake, I am not ignoring your sodding assertion: I am telling you that you are making it up!

    You say Unionists ‘ignore’ Loyalist violence (which is a big step down from your previous implication that Unionists are violent Loyalists . . .); I say quite the reverse, they condemn. And if you are tedious enough, do try Google, which you’ll find replete with Unionist condemnations of ‘Loyalist’ terrorism.

    Then, beautifully, you rave:

    I’ll go one further, in certain situations, they have sought to ‘explain’ it or even put it in ‘context.’

    You see that thing ‘Google’ I mentioned up there? Off you go and back up that nonsense.

    It really doesn’t take very much to understand why some people are so desperate to claim, ‘awck shure, you’re just as bad as us uns’. We’re not: face up to it.

  • Brandubh Blathmac

    Her sister was Eilis O’Hanlon?? My sympathies to Eilis, then, the only civilised apple in the whole rotten bunch.